The Bobcats Overcome The Panthers

GHS Baseball

The Bobcats Overcome The Panthers

By: Leah Davis

The Gilmer Bobcats hosted the Ridgeland Panthers on March 17 in a double header at home. The night before the Bobcats had demolished the Panthers 7-3 at Ridgeland High School. So the Panthers, indeed, were looking for revenge.


During the first three innings, the tension between the two teams was at large while the defenses took control keeping any points off the board. At the top of the fourth, the Bobcat’s didn’t seem as steady, but were still able to hold on.


It wasn’t until the Fifth inning that the drought broke as, with bases loaded, Jacob Stephens earned a single RBI putting the Panthers, 1-0, over the Bobcats. The Panther’s defense was also able to hold off the Bobcats that inning.
The Bobcats answered in the sixth, Brooks Rosser hit a single and earned himself a single RBI. The score was now, 1-1, with the Bobcats still seeking victory.

GHS Baseball

Brooks Rosser trying to get the Bobcats on the board.


However, Austin Delay hit a double in the Seventh earning himself and the Panthers the single RBI to allow the Panthers to defeat the Bobcats 2-1.


With the second game occurring shortly after, the Bobcats were back and ready to take the win away from the Panthers.


At the top of the third, the Panthers got three runs putting the Bobcats far behind for a comeback run. It didn’t take long to answer, though, as the Bobcats were ready to fight. McKinley Chadwick hit a stand-up double and gained a double RBI. The Bobcats were still falling behind the Panthers, 3-2 until Evan Frady hit a single RBI. The Bobcats and the Panthers were now all tied up.
Similar to Game 1, both teams’ defenses were the highlight of the night as three innings passed with no score. It was a final inning push as Tatum Chadwick hits a single and gained a single RBI, putting the Bobcats over the Panthers, 4-3.

GHS Baseball1

Tatum Chadwick winning the game for the Bobcats

The Bobcats had accomplished their goal by winning this last game. The Bobcats will be back in action next week against Lafayette High School at home and away.

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