Tractor Trailer hits power lines at Water Authority


ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Ellijay-Gilmer County Water & Sewerage Authority sustained a small incident today as a tractor-trailer took out a power line on the site.

According to Gilmer County Public Safety Director Tony Pritchett, the accident caused a small brush fire at the base of the pole. The incident did spread further, however, in the form of a power outage for many of the restaurants and businesses at Highland Crossing in East Ellijay.

Pritchett did confirm that they responded to an alarm at the Longhorn at Highland Crossing. Upon arrival, authorities realized that a build-up of smoke had occurred from the power outage causing a failure in ventilation of the grills in the back of the restaurant.

Ellijay-Gilmer County Water & Sewerage Authority Director Gary McVey spoke with FYN to confirm that neither the driver nor any employees were injured by the incident.

He also confirmed there was no interruption in water service in the county as the plant immediately switched to its backup generator system. McVey said that one of the two power lines that fell hit some grass and caused the aforementioned brush fire, but no injuries and no damage to the plant was sustained.

At this time, the power has been returned to most of those affected by the outage, but Georgia Power crews are still working at the site of the incident for repairs.


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