• Gilmer High School cancels prom in face of resurgent Coronavirus


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County is still finding new information from news of exposures in the Courthouse and offices shutting down, but now, Gilmer High School is responding to the general resurgance of the Coronavirus in Georgia as they officially announce cancelling this year’s prom. Originally cancelled during the school year as responses and shutdowns […]

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  • County responds as Probate Judge tests positive for COVID-19 after revival


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County Probate Judge Scott Chastain has confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19, commonly called the Coronavirus. While sources have spoken recently about employees in the Gilmer County Courthouse having been exposed, Chastain himself has reached out to inform the public that he has tested positive. There are still indications […]

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  • Gilmer and Fannin Extend Judicial Emergency under order of Chief Judge


    NORTH GEORGIA – Both Gilmer and Fannin have received a new order entitled “Amended Third Order Extending Declaration of Judicial Emergency” closing and requiring deep cleaning for offices in the courthouses of both counties. The order, sign by Superior Court Chief Judge Brenda Weaver of the Appalachian Judicial Circuit, states that a number of courthouse […]

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  • Possible COVID-19 exposures in Gilmer and Fannin’s Court Systems


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Several offices in both Fannin and Gilmer County are closing today as reports indicate one or more employees may have had exposures to the Coronavirus in recent days. The District Attorney’s Office in both Fannin and Gilmer have closed today. Additionally, Gilmer’s Probate Office has confirmed closing and the Gilmer Board of […]

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  • Board of Commissioners cancels July Work Session meeting

    Gilmer County BOC, Intergovernmental Agreement, session

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – As the nation continues watching numbers fluctuate and news reports of the the state and national governments commenting and putting forth orders in response to the COVID-19 virus, the Gilmer County Board of Commissioners have cancelled their July Work Session. Citing the recent spike in cases of the Coronavirus, the Board of […]

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  • Flint Mountain Holding Development before the Commissioners this week

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Many citizens are still discussing the topics around the Flint Mountain Holdings, LLC. development project on Highway 282 this week as some voice concerns on social media or with their elected commissioners. This week sees a small part of the development before the commissioners, our current understanding is the commercial re-zoning on […]

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  • Ellijay man arrested in North Carolina on drug charges, wanted by GBI

    Tracy Shirley, arrest

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Cherokee County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the arrest of a man from the Ellijay area in relation to drug charges. Shirley was wanted in connection to the massive drug bust with gang ties that took place last week in Pickens County. According to the incident report, Cherokee County Deputies […]

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  • Flint Mountain Holdings files for 305 lot subdivision

    UPDATE: One big subdivision According to Gilmer County Planning and Zoning Director Karen Henson, plans indicate that the project will not be divided but will be one large subdivision. That said, the current phase of the project calls for 123 lots. Henson did affirm that anything over 125 lots, regardless of lot size, would require […]

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  • Gilmer Schools asks for opinion on exempting Georgia from Testing and CCRPI

    2020-201 Calendar, graduation, Renovations, Financial Distinction, return, testing

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer Schools is reaching out to parents, students, educators, and citizens to offer their opinions on Milestones testing and the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) through a survey. Although linked on Gilmer Schools’ social media, the Georgia Department of Education is marked atop the survey as they seek a response […]

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  • Update given for fireworks details in Ellijay


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – The City of Ellijay is offering a few updates to its Fourth of July Celebration this year with an official start time and clarification on viewing. According to Gilmer Chamber President/CEO Paige Hutto, the fireworks for this year’s celebration are starting at 8:45 p.m. As previously reported, they will be launched from […]

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  • BOE enters July without Budget as they await State information

    instructions, budget

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Despite a back and forth with state and Georgia Board of Education officials, Gilmer is still awaiting details to approve its budget for  2020-2021 school year. A now officially-approved spending resolution is allowing them to move forward despite that obstacle alongside other financial approvals for past budget and purchases. The resolution came […]

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  • BOE to seek spending resolution tomorrow

    Gilmer BOE 2019, school closed, Graduation, Board, Education, Spending Resolution

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – “Because the State has not yet passed a budget for FY 21 it has been recommended across the state that districts pass a spending resolution for July until we receive final numbers,” said Superintendent Dr. Shanna Downs at this week’s work session of the Board of Education. A Spending Resolution, Downs explained, […]

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  • BOE discussing return to school at July’s end

    2020-201 Calendar, graduation, Renovations, Financial Distinction, return, testing

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Though no exact details are available yet, the Gilmer Superintendent Dr. Shanna Downs is meeting with the board, with faculty administrators, and with citizens and parents about details and options of the school to return along with its calendar schedule at the end of July. Dr. Downs said, “Our district, along with […]

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  • County seeks to help farms to support recovery

    farms, farm winery, BOC,

    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer’s Board of Commissioners made two approvals this week for farms to, as Chairman Charlie Paris said, “try to recover as quickly as possible.” While Paris said they are looking at several areas of the county’s economy, two of the approvals in June focused solely on farms and agriculture including the first […]

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  • Ellijay will have Fireworks without a parade for July 4th


    ELLIJAY, Ga. – Chamber President/CEO Paige Hutto (formerly Paige Green) spoke with Ellijay City Council Members this week about details that many citizens are seeking regarding the upcoming 4th of July Celebration including the parade and fireworks. She confirmed that there will not be a parade, but the Chamber will be spending this week in […]

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  • Gilmer County 2020 General Primary Election Returns (FINAL)

    election returns

    GILMER COUNTY, Ga – The polls have closed for the June 9 General Primary. To review the unofficial election returns for your local races, see below. Please remember all the results are unofficial until certified by the Secretary of State. The following results are the unofficial totals for election night as reported by the Gilmer […]

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