Ellijay’s 1935 Chrysler Dealership Building to Receive Renovation

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ELLIJAY, Ga. -The topic of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting held on Monday, June 10, 2019 was the renovation of Ellijay’s 1935 Chrysler Dealership Building located at 11 College Street by Alpha Group Enterprises (AGE).

The idea behind the renovation is to keep the historic brick exterior and replace only windows and doors as well as add signing and lighting to the building.

North Main Street building view. Click to enlarge.

For both the side of the building facing North Main Street as well as the side facing 11 College Street the objective is to gently clean the brick and grout following proper preservation standards to remove molds, dirt and other discoloring residues. The brick may then be sealed with a transparent sealing agent to make sure bricks and mortar joins repeal water. The cleaning process will likely involve either a low-end pressure washer (100-400 PSI) or steaming, as well as light, organic cleaning agents and a natural bristle (non-metal) brush.

The side of the building that faces the Courtyard of the Ellijay Coffee house next door has experienced damages throughout the years though and will need repairs and a fresh coat of paint, likely white.

All windows and doors (including their frames) are expected to be painted white, and all windows will be the same dimensions of the current windows.

Roll-up windows example. Click to enlarge.

For the side of the building facing North Main Street, the large showroom window openings will be made of a clear building code approved insulated window that will not open and will be framed with steel. The single door on this side will be replaced with a door similar to the one currently present, just more modern and energy efficient. The second floor windows will all be replaced with double hung 8 pane energy efficient windows.

The two large garage windows on the same side of the building will be replaced with functional roll-up windows that maintain the original multipaned appearance. The garage door on this side will be removed to be replaced with a fixed set of windows and double French doors for garage area access.

For the side of the building facing 11 College Street, the openings will be the same dimensions with the exception of the garage window with integrated door.

(Click to enlarge)

The first floors large showroom openings will be framed with tubular steel. The windows will be insulated windows of the same size, painted white and will not open.

The door on this side will be replaced with one similar, just energy efficient and painted white.

The second floor windows will be replaced with double hung 8 pane energy efficient windows painted white and maintain the original look.

The garage door is expected to be replaced with a glass paneled operating garage door and painted white.

(Click to enlarge)

The integrated garage door and large garage window next to the door will be divided so that the door and window components presently located above will be changed into an integrated door entrance. The current plan is to place a decorate steel/aluminum enclosure above the door that replaces the current window. The window that remains to the left of the door will be re-framed and a multipaned rectangular window is to be installed.

The signage for the building is expected to be banner style and hanging signage, with the banners being six feet in length and no more than three feet in width. The banners are intended to be used as advertising of businesses housed in 11 College Street using black, white and gray coloring. However, there was also talk of simply re-painting on the sides of the building in a similar style to the brick-painted signage already present.

Glass garage door with opaque glass concept. Click to enlarge.

The current gutter downspouts will be replaced with six inch down spots that will be painted black and replicate the tin/copper materials used during the time.

The existing power drop will be moved to the western corner of the building, removing all pipe and boxing off from the side facing College Street.

The purpose of this renovation will be to create three separate zones within the building.

The first, on level one, will be a showroom area with approximately 1,000 square feet.

The second, also on level one, will be a garage/bay area with approximately 4,500 square feet.

The final zone, located on level 2, will be an apartment area with approximately 1,000 square feet.

The first zone (showroom area) is intended for use initially for five years (2018-2023) as a business office space in support of U.S. Government service pursuits of companies owned by the McDonald’s: Willowheart LLC, OPCON LLC, and OPCORPS, LLC. Alpha Group Enterprises will be leasing the space to Willowheart LLC under contract.

Signage example. Click to enlarge.

This zone will eventually be changed to a Tea House that will sell tea, tea paraphernalia, and tea service consisting of tea, sandwiches and deserts.

The second zone (garage/bay area) is intended to be used as a film studio and showroom to support Willowheart LLC and the Resilience Company. Within the coming three to five years, it’s expected that Willowheart (government security service business) will be sold. The Resilience Company will be the primary occupancy of this zone, using it for building, filming, and demonstrating small, scalable systems for production of energy, purified water, concentrated and symbiotic food resources, and other life supporting technology.

Utilities and drainage example. Click to enlarge.

The final zone (apartment area) is an existing apartment area that will be refurbished and used as a one bedroom two bathroom domicile.

Fetch Your News will have more information on this renovation as it becomes available, so be sure to stay tuned!

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