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Each night students, who are present, are randomly chosen for prizes.  We are excited to announce that we also met our goal during the window!

Here are our winners for Fall FTE 2020.

Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner),Stone Burton, Malachi Clampitt, Kyndra Stover, and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner), Alexia Mullins, Domingo Lopez Escobar, Jacob Fullwood, and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner), Dawson Ridings, Storm Patterson, Maria Garcia, Aldolfo Godinez, Caylee Patterson and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner), Marleny Bautista Mateo, Raven Moss, Tanya DOver, Hunter Reed, Maria Garcia Alonzo, Autumn Maston, Nikki Scott, Bernardo Garcia Aguillar, and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner), Elias Vargas Lopez, Ava Sanford, Brenlyn Reece, Yelena Robinson, and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Yelena Robinson, Jack Freeman, Katlyn Davis (Graduation Partner) , Raven Moss, Andrea Montes, and Andrew Jones

Abigail Wright , Raven Moss, Elias Vargas Lopez, Kennedi Sutton (registrar), Trinity Newton, Andrea Montez, Jack Freeman, and Jim Parmer (Family Engagement Liaison)

Congrats to the Gilmer MECHS Teacher and Employee of the Year, Jan Allen and Jim Parmer. These two are an integral part of student success at MECHS. Mrs. Allen is the Science Chair and Science teacher at the Gilmer MECHS site. Mr. Parmer is the Family Engagement Liaison and Check & Connect partner. Both of these educators were in the top 5 nominees for the 18 Mountain Education Charter Schools Sites. A laptop bag and vest with the MECHS logo were awarded. Also pictured are Lori Chastain and Mike Putman, Gilmer Site Administrators. 

Gilmer MECHS is very happy to announce our 2nd graduate! JACOB FULLWOOD! Becoming a graduate takes lots of determination and dedication from the student, parents, and staff. When one of our students graduate we celebrate together! Way to go Jacob!

Each year parents are invited to the Title 1 parent night. They are given information on Title 1 and how MECHS uses those federal funds in the areas of greatest need.  Gilmer MECHS Family Engagement Liaison, Jim Parmer, organized and facilitated the meeting.


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