City Council ends parking elimination, prepares for Light Up Ellijay

City Council
City Council Prepares for Light Up Ellijay

GILMER, Ga. — The Ellijay City Council has voted to end the River St. parking elimination test early, and will move barricades to the downtown roundabout in preparation for Light Up Ellijay on Nov. 26.

During their October meeting, city council discussed the details of a controversial bid to eliminate downtown parking. Ultimately, at the recommendation of the DDA, the council voted to barricade only River St. parking and set a test period of Oct. 23 to Jan. 2.

However, at their latest meeting, the Ellijay City Council voted to remove the barricades from River St. early, and have them relocated to the roundabout for the Light Up Ellijay event. After the event, the barricades will be moved back to storage. There was some discussion about setting a new test period, but Police Chief Lacey said, “I think what we found out, is that it warrants further study by somebody who is more learned and has some stamps on their certifications.”

Barricades are currently in place to block parking along River St.


Light Up Ellijay is an annual event that serves as an unofficial beginning to the Christmas season for Ellijay residents. Each year, the downtown fills with residents coming to see the parade and watch the lighting of the Christmas tree. COVID-19 complications prevented the full celebration in 2020, but Light Up Ellijay is set to take place this year on Nov. 26, with the parade beginning at 6 p.m.

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