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The Gilmer County Boys & Girls Club observed the national day of “Homeless Animals” recently by inviting the local Homeward Bound volunteers share their efforts on behalf of local animals who find themselves homeless.  Their conversations with our elementary age members focused on the needs of all animals and how adoption efforts are a vital part of caring for the animal population of our community.

Boys & Girls Club News

Boys and Girls Club

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Boys & Girls Club Monthly Update




    Show up for events.

    o It is crucial for parents to attend conferences and other events so you are on board with what your child is learning.

    Encourage writing at home.

    o Writing thank you notes and writing letters to family / friends boosts writing skills. Be sure to  check for details!

     Stop being a homework enabler.

    o Look over your child’s assignment, but don’t hover and correct spelling errors and math
    equations. This will cause issues when it comes time to take te4sts or work out challenges on
    their own.

    Obey school hours.

    o Every minute of school counts. Dropping off late and picking up early really adds up when you
    have only 7 hours a day in the classroom – not to mention the disruption to the other children.

    If the child is sick – keep them home!

    o An ill child should not be given a dose of Tylenol and then dropped off with instructions to “go to
    the nurse if you don’t feel any better.” Make alternative arrangements and DON’T send your  child if they have been vomiting.

     Unplug your child.

    o Screen time means your child is reading less. Book time should be a daily activity while TV is a  weekend activity.

     Avoid rushing to judgment.

    o Teachers don’t want your child to be miserable in the classroom. Be sure to hear the whole story so you and the teacher can work out consequences for misbehavior.

    Make an effort to volunteer.

  •   Even if you work full-time, help by providing additional supplies, bring in a special craft or take home a project to prep for the teacher.

    Don’t raise a disrupter.

    o It is difficult to teach a classroom of 25 children when one child continually acts out to get the attention of other students.

    Go the extra mile for me, the teacher or school staff person.

    o Positive feedback is wonderful! Drop an email or note to let me know your child enjoyed a  project or lesson.

    Integrate learning into everyday activities.

    o Follow a dinner recipe, count cars – drive home classroom lessons! Insist on respect.
    o Kids who talk back to parents, throw book bags they expect parents to retrieve are kids who
    think it is okay to be disrespectful to teachers and friends.

    Treat me as an equal.

    o I have a family and other responsibilities too. When scheduling conferences, offer a
    compromise that works for us both.Send lunch, not money.

  • Have your child help pack the healthy lunch they WILL eat, not send money for foods they mayselect from the lunch line that are NOT as nutritious.

    Offer a helping hand.

    o Check with the teacher to see if anything is needed for a special project and be ready to answer
    the urgent email if extra hands are needed!

    Follow through on consequences.

    o There is a direct link between school behavior and home life.

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WANTED: Youth Development Professionals In Pickens, Gilmer and Fannin Counties! If you have experience working with youth and want to make a difference, please get in touch today!  Do you want to join the team!!!  click here to make a difference!

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