Malfunction Junction

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Malfunction Junction—or the intersection of Hwy. 52, Hwy. 282, and Hwy. 515

Here’s a challenge: start out at in downtown Ellijay, go down River Street, and try to make a right onto Highway 515 without getting into an altercation.
If there’s no traffic you might be okay. But, if there are any cars traveling down Industrial Boulevard wishing to make a right turn onto Highway 515 as well, then you will definitely be confused if you’ve never been through this intersection before.

Malfunction Junction from on Vimeo.

The intersection of Hwy 52, Hwy. 282, and Hwy. 515—or as it’s been called, Malfunction Junction—looks ugly. If you want to take a right onto Highway 515 from either Hwy 52 or Hwy 282 you’ve got to be ready to showcase your best defensive driving skills.

We set up a camera at this intersection for 15 minutes during a regular workday just to see what would happen.

Take a look.

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