Ellijay’s 1935 Chrysler Dealership Building to Receive Rooftop Deck

Historic Preservation Commission, News

ELLIJAY, Ga. – Regarding the renovations to Ellijay’s 1935 Chrysler Dealership Building located at 11 College Street by Alpha Group Enterprises (AGE), it became known to Fetch Your News that the building will be receiving a new rooftop deck during the Historic Preservation Committee meeting held on Monday, November 11, 2019.

The deck will not be open to the public, but access will be granted via a new stairwell between the current building and the Ellijay Coffeehouse next door, pending legal commitments between the Coffeehouse owner and the new owner of the Chrysler Dealership building.

The deck itself will be used as a green space, featuring a variety of movable planters; none of the planters are currently intended to be permanent structures.

While railing will be added along the parameter of the rooftop, the deck itself will not extend beyond the current rooftop.

The deck itself will not be covered, but the area over the stair access likely will be.

The Historic Preservation Committee has stated that the exterior brick of the building where the new stairwell will go is not to be covered, leaving the original exterior brick visible, though the gray interior brick that is visible from outside likely will be covered.

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