Voter turnout is high as Gilmer extends one precinct tonight

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GILMER COUNTY, Ga. – Gilmer County Chief Registrar Tammy Watkins is reporting high voter turnout to each precinct just as expected during today’s election.

While runoffs like this are not usually very busy with fewer people coming to vote and with fewer offices on the ballot. Gilmer only has three choices to make on their ballots today for offices. Despite the usual trend, however, Watkins said, “We’ve been really busy today. I think we’re going to have a good turnout.”

This is continuing from the higher early voting turnout the county saw in recent weeks and in the final days preparing for today’s election.

Watkins previously predicted a higher than normal turnout for such an election, but did also say that she did not expect the same numbers that Gilmer saw in November’s presidential election.

Watkins said the day has progressed smoothly with only one major issue and a few recurring items such as people having requested early voting ballots but changing their minds and showing up today to vote in-person.

Watkins did say that if citizens have already submitted their absentee by mail ballots, they will not be allowed to vote today, but for those who requested ballots but did not submit them, they must go through a process to cancel and void the allocated early ballot at the precinct as they show up to vote in-person.

The major issues that Watkins reports was an error at the Town Creek voting precinct. Due to an error on the poll pads, the precinct had a 40-minute time period under maintenance after polls had opened. Officials fixed the error and returned to business with Watkins saying that they did not have to turn anyone away at the precinct. She did note that one person was reported to have left during the issue, but said they would return later in the day.

Because of the issue, Watkins said that they must extend the precincts open time until 7:40 p.m.

With Town Creek staying open later, it could delay results a little bit, but Watkins said there is no reason to believe that the results will not be finished and counted tonight.

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