Man dies from gunshot in Ellijay Monday

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – According to reports coming from the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office, it has been confirmed that a man died from gunshot wounds during an altercation in the area of Rose Garden Road on Monday, May 4, 2020, just before midnight.

The Sheriff’s Office has released a statement saying, “A domestic violence incident that resulted in the death of a Gilmer County man occurred on Monday night in the Rose Garden Rd. area of the county.” Michael Trager, 25, died at the scene when he was shot.

“Trager had traveled to the residence on Rose Garden Rd. where his estranged wife was staying and forced his way inside,” said Captain Frank Copeland.

Deputies worked with help from Ellijay Police during the storms as investigations began into the scene.

According to the statement, “There was a struggle between Trager and the homeowner which resulted in Trager being shot twice, and he died at the scene. Preliminary information reveals that the estranged wife was in the process of seeking a temporary protective order.”

While investigations are continuing, there has been no indications from the Sheriff’s Office of any charges or arrests at this time. Sheriff Nicholson states, “At this point in the investigation with the information that we have, we do not anticipate charges to be filed, however, as the investigation continues and if we receive information to the contrary, that could change.”

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