Details Reveal Victims of Dog Attack


CHERRY LOG, GA – Updates are coming now for the woman found dead in Cherry Log yesterday, September 28.

According to the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office, Kathy Sue Nichelson died from an attack by a pit bull on Goose Island Road. It is now confirmed that a second person was attacked when trying to help Nichelson, but did not receive serious injuries.

Deputies were forced to fire upon the animal, according to the Sheriff’s Press Release, killing it.

Officials are not releasing details at this time on the dog or its owner, but are assuring citizens that the investigation is continuing.

The official press release from the Gilmer Sheriff states:

A-61-year old woman died after being attacked by a Pit Bull Thursday, Sept. 28th, at 890 Goose Island Rd. The woman, identified as Kathy Sue Nichelson, was attacked shortly after arriving at the residence. A passerby saw Ms. Nichelson on the ground and stopped to render aid. The dog attacked him as well, and he escaped to his vehicle where he was able to call 911. He received non life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement and EMS arrived soon after. Law enforcement attempted to keep the animal at bay while EMS tried to treat Nichelson. During this time, the animal came towards public safety personnel aggressively, and the animal was put down by deputies.

An investigation into the animal’s behavior and its owner are ongoing. More information may be available once the investigation is completed.


  1. Susan Blais September 29, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    WHEN is BANNING this ENTIRE breed of dog AND those that resemble Pits going to happen? Waiting for one to attack BEFORE placing breed restrictions is literally killing, maiming people, children and pets on a daily basis. Since when does a breed have FAR more Rights and legal protection than a humans??? This “SAVE THEM ALL” campaign/mission has lasted FAR TOO LONG!! As the victims wait for painful procedures to TRY and minimize damages done to those having to say their last goodbyes to innocent victims who’ve DIED due to Pit/Pit Bull attacks. This is the ONLY breed of dog GENETICALLY engineered to be the ULTIMATE FIGHTING MACHINE, to NEVER back down till death of opponent. ZERO amount of “love, training, housing, raising them right and breeding to others than Pits” will NEVER remove these Genetic Traits. History has proven this and how many more lives to be destroyed before this breed of dog is FOREVER REMOVED from Society? If you question breeding out genetics here’s just 1 simple example..African Americans inherit the “recessive genes” for Sickle Cell Anemia and the super tight curl hair” unlike Caucasian/Asian descent people.. When couples from different races produce a child that “recessive gene” follows through to the child in EVERY instance!! So, once again..GENETICS are ALWAYS there!

    • Jason Cooke October 1, 2017 at 6:37 am

      Take your hate and ignorance elsewhere…

    • john zolis October 20, 2017 at 4:20 am

      Closed minded bigot try blaming the other end of the leash you idjit

    • Kelly April 12, 2018 at 9:14 am

      You need to know all the facts first as we all know not everything is reported

  2. Debbie Bell September 29, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    Please kill all attacking mauling dogs.

    It’s kinder to the dogs, as that way they die happy, endorphins and adrenalin flooding the dogs tiny reptilian brains.

    That way they’ll never attack or kill again.

    That way they won’t start a second career: dog fighting, dog killing full time.

    That way they won’t be used for fundraising as poster dog for the psychopath humans who must have psychopath dogs.

    That way they won’t languish in a kennel run, displacing real normal domesticated dogs.

    No one sane and compassionate would want more dogs to be born with the man-made birth defect to mature to suddenly attack UNPROVOKED and PROLONGED, to become the best killers.

  3. KaD October 1, 2017 at 10:07 am

    Forget BSL. We need OSL – Owner Specific Legislation. “No person or persons shall own a pit bull or pit bull type dog if said person meet one or more of the following criteria : lives in a trailer, lives in the inner city, has a criminal record, has an IQ lower than 95, fails to grasp basic English, fails to use proper punctuation, has children, has neighbors within 1 mile, can’t spell “bred”, can’t spell “definitely”, can’t afford an insurance policy less than one million dollars, smokes marijuana, uses any illegal drugs, drinks Budweiser, wears tank tops, or has a job that is funded by tax payer dollars.”
    That should take care of about 98% of current pit bull owners, including the soulless sack of dung who, in the face of the violent death OF THEIR OWN MOTHER, continues to push pro pit bull s**t. Unbelievable. The depravity of those people is mind blowing. Beyond mind blowing. It’s not even in the realm of normal brain function. Blaming an innocent man who tried to help this woman? Definitely. Blaming the canine spawn of satan who was displaying its genetics? Never!
    And pit wackos call the realists “ignorant”.

    • Csmith October 2, 2017 at 9:45 pm

      The owner didnot help he watched his dog kill my mother. Also for your info the dog attacked a cable man earlier the same day. The fact is the owner knew his dog was vicious and still let it roam free to attack at will. Get your facts straight sir before pass ignorant judgement. Mt statement was there is good and bad in every single living creature and human. The fact is this pitbull drug my mother off the roof of her car and brutally murdered her as people watched. Yes I hold the owner of the dog responsible for this. This is not a debate. I saw the scence, I know the coward who made the 911 call. I pray u never have to go thru this, these people were my mother’s so called friends. U can’t even begin to imagine what we are going thru. More could have been done to help my mother but instead they watched, do u understand that.

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