Changes coming to Animal Control


ELLIJAY, Ga. – A couple from the area of Woodland Acres spoke in August’s Commissioners’ meetings about an ongoing problem with dogs running loose in the area.

In the ensuing discussions, on August 8, 2019, Commission Chairman Charlie Paris promised citizens that changes would be coming to the Animal Control Ordinances of Gilmer County in efforts to address this and similar issues in the county.

The most vocal, Sto Goodwin and Debra Christian, live as neighbors in Woodland Acres and began discussing the issue on Wednesday, they tell FYN that several people in the area have had issues with dogs running free in the area. Christian named the breed Cane Corso as one that has specifically harassed her. She went on to say that the issue has not been handled properly as they have reported the issues, Animal Control has picked up the dogs on the loose, but the owner in question just get the dogs back. This owner, who was not named, has allegedly gone to court, promised to move, and made other promises that have not been kept.

Christian alleges that the owner refuses to enclose the dogs and actively trains them in “Predator Control.” She was supported in these allegations by both Goodwin and even Chairman Paris who said, “He has been very clear with us in the past that he expects his dogs to be able to run free, and that we’re welcome to fine him. He’ll pay the fine, but they will run free.”

Paris stated that the problem has existed for several years. Due to the increasing allegations and some citizens even saying they have video of the dogs killing cats and other animals as well as chasing after people in the area, responses are now increasing. While Paris said that they cannot just go and take the dogs by law, he did say that the county is already changing one thing right now. Animal Control’s policy for returning animals found off of owner’s property is going to step up plan.

Paris said, “Previously, if an animal was brought in that was found off the owner’s property, it was $150 fee to reclaim it. If it came in again, it was another $150. What we’ve done is we’ve lowered the first offense to $100, and if that person, who comes in, is willing to have us spay or neuter the particular animal, then we will lower it to $75. That’s the first time, and this is per owner, not per animal. The second time an animal from that owner comes in, it’s $300. And if they want to spay or neuter, we’ll back it up one level to $100. The third time it comes in, it’s going to be $600, then $900. And then it’ll be $1000.”

Paris went on to note that citations will also go along with that.

These new changes are just part of the major changes that could be coming to the ordinance. Paris promised those present that he would be looking into the ordinance to have something to present next month. Goodwin asked how many animals might die by the time this situation reaches those higher levels of fees.

Goodwin said that this issue has gone on for six years with nobody seeming to respond or even care as this one owner hides behind a law claiming exemption for dog attacks on other animals under certain circumstances. One of those exemptions involve Predator Control, being the training claimed for these animals. However, he also tells FYN that he has neighbors who have photos and even a video of one of the dogs with a mutilated cat in its mouth.

Additionally, with potential citations, court litigation, and other outcomes from additional issues arising, County Attorney David Clark warned those citizens that continued investigations would require continued support from citizens. He said they cannot back off from standing up for the issue as the county and court systems cannot pursue them through Animal Control without citizen support.

Goodwin stated that he did not want to harm the dogs as he blames the owner for their training and activities, but he warned that if they continued being aggressive and threatening others, someone was going to get hurt.

Paris also said he was worried about citizens attempting to protect themselves and potentially harming or killing the animals.

Moving into the the minimal 3-month process, changes are currently expected to be advertised in September, if approved the first reading will be in October, if approved there the second reading and final adoption will be in November.

Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter to host annual BBQ and Silent Auction!

Announcements, Press Release

ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGA) will be hosting their annual BBQ and Silent Auction on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 11:30 am until 3 pm at the Gilmer County Civic Center (1561 South Main St., Ellijay, GA 30540).

Lunch reservations are requested. There are a limited number of tickets available at the door.

Food served will be Shane’s Pork BBQ, Beans, Slaw, Tea, and Dessert.

Auction Admission is free! Lunch is $10 per person.

All proceeds are to fund low cost spay/neuter, vetting Gilmer County Animal Shelter pets, and other Gilmer County Programs.

Email or call to reserve your tickets!
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Would You Know How to Perform CPR on Your Pet? Watch the Training Video by Mountain Emergency Animal Center

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Mountain Emergency Animal Center is a outstanding emergency vet clinic located in Blue Ridge, GA. They have a full surgical room, ICU kennels, a blood bank, and they keep anti venom on hand at all times. They are fully equipped to deal with any medical emergency your pet may have.

In this video they do a CPR training to show you exactly what you would need to do if your pet goes into cardiac arrest. This is great information for any pet owner.

Mountain Emergency Animal Center

Serving the Tri-State Area (GA, NC, TN)
Call us at 706-632-7879

Pet Emergency? Read no further and call us right away!dog

Pet emergencies, like human ones, can happen anytime. Your pet’s injuries and illnesses may require immediate attention.

Dog trapped between rocks dies during rescue


Photos by Leah Britt

ELLIJAY, Ga. – Yesterday, Jan. 3, several people became aware of a developing situation through a viral Facebook post about a dog who had become stuck.

Photo by Leah Britt

According to that post by local citizen Leah Britt, the animal had been stuck for some time with authorities unable to help. As the post has reached nearly 6,000 shares, the viral nature brought out several citizens in attempts of continued rescue for the animal.

Through the continued popularity of the post, more information came to light as the dog, named Handsome, had allegedly been trapped in the hole for three days.

Despite continued efforts from all involved, the animal did not survive, passing away during the rescue operation. However, support continues to flow for the dog and its owners through the post with comments and posts on other people’s pages like Sean Davis, one of the volunteers desperately trying to save the animal. Comments generally contained sympathy for the animal and those involved asking for updates and showing support for those who continued attempts at rescue with a few noting alleged injuries the animal had received including several claiming a hip injury among others.

Check out Leah’s post below:

911 Call Released for September 28 Dog Attack


CHERRY LOG, GA – FYN has obtained the 911 call from the passerby who attempted to stop and help the 61-year-old Kathy Nichelson who was injured and later died from the dog attack.

The caller was bitten in his attempt to aid Nichelson. However, he did manage to get away from the dog and back to his car before dialing 911, according to authorities.

The call is short but the caller does say the lady was bit on her throat, while he was bit on the chin. Further details are not available at this time, but stay with FYN as further updates become available.

Details Reveal Victims of Dog Attack


CHERRY LOG, GA – Updates are coming now for the woman found dead in Cherry Log yesterday, September 28.

According to the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office, Kathy Sue Nichelson died from an attack by a pit bull on Goose Island Road. It is now confirmed that a second person was attacked when trying to help Nichelson, but did not receive serious injuries.

Deputies were forced to fire upon the animal, according to the Sheriff’s Press Release, killing it.

Officials are not releasing details at this time on the dog or its owner, but are assuring citizens that the investigation is continuing.

The official press release from the Gilmer Sheriff states:

A-61-year old woman died after being attacked by a Pit Bull Thursday, Sept. 28th, at 890 Goose Island Rd. The woman, identified as Kathy Sue Nichelson, was attacked shortly after arriving at the residence. A passerby saw Ms. Nichelson on the ground and stopped to render aid. The dog attacked him as well, and he escaped to his vehicle where he was able to call 911. He received non life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement and EMS arrived soon after. Law enforcement attempted to keep the animal at bay while EMS tried to treat Nichelson. During this time, the animal came towards public safety personnel aggressively, and the animal was put down by deputies.

An investigation into the animal’s behavior and its owner are ongoing. More information may be available once the investigation is completed.

Build an Ark Being Investigated


ELLIJAY, GA – In a public statement, the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were contacted by a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) about the care of a donkey within the Build-An-Ark Animal Rescue.

Sheriff Stacy Nicholson told FYN that cases like this are referred to the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Natural Resources as they are better equipped and better trained for such investigations. For example, he stated the Sheriff’s Office does not have the facilities to impound or take possession of large animals or livestock.

Nicholson further told FYN that if charges were to come, they would be considering the opinions of the Department of Agriculture heavily as “the average law enforcement officer is not trained to deal with neglected livestock.” In a situation like this, the Sheriff’s Office uses experts for the investigation, and Department of Agriculture will not charge the county for any services or investigations.

Since the investigation began, the donkey in question has been checked by a veterinarian, and both the Sheriff’s Office and Build an Ark have confirmed that the donkey was put down. However, it has been reported that a further investigation is underway about the conditions and care for other animals in the rescue. The Sheriff’s Office also reports that Build an Ark and its owner are complying with the investigation.

On their Facebook page, Build an Ark reported to the public that the donkey, Naomi, “lived to 48, a good 20 years longer than most donkeys. Her kidneys were failing her and her quality of life was decreasing, so Susan made the tough decision to put her to rest.”

As such, Build an Arks public statement said that the veterinary visit to the donkey revealed the kidney failure, but the decision on putting the donkey down was left to Susan as the donkey was still walking around and not in too much pain yet. However, they do report that the veterinarian stated it was only a matter of time for the donkey.

In their statement, Build an Ark has also stated they have been investigated four times by the Department of Agriculture upon claims before, all of which resulted in no citations. FYN has submitted requests to the Department of Agriculture to confirm this, and is currently awaiting the information.

Gilmer Animal Shelter Hosts Ruff Readers Day


Bring your kids to the Gilmer County Animal Shelter (GCAS) RUFF READERS CLUB as they partner with the Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGAS) to promote reading skills and build the confidence required to read aloud, all in a fun environment.

Give your kids the opportunity to read to one of Gilmer County Animal Shelter’s pets.

It’s fun and it’s free on Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Gilmer Animal Shelter. (4152 HWY 52 E ELLIJAY GA).

Space is limited. Call to reserve your child’s spot today.


Bring your favorite pillow or blanket to sit on. And if you forgot your book, no problem. Some books will be available.

VCA Appalachian Animal Hospital host vaccinations clinic in Gilmer county

VCA springtime vet clinic in Gilmer county

VCA springtime vet clinic in Gilmer county

Rocky – an Urgent Pet of the Week


Gilmer County Animal Shelter is asking it’s citizens for help with a special case, as part of their Pet of the Week Program, Rocky a 4 year old, 60 pound, Labrador/Bassett mix, Rocky is looking for a new home.

rocky4Rocky is a low-riding love machine that is a sight to see and too lovable to forget. He has the body of a Labrador Retriever and the short legs of a Bassett Hound.

Rocky’s mom must leave state for a long term, lifesaving, medical treatment. This medical emergency leaves Rocky with no one to love & care for him. So his family is giving Rocky up with very heavy hearts.

Rocky loves kids and adults but is not fond of other canines or felines.
Rocky is house trained, knows his basic commands, healthy, neutered, and up to date on all vaccines.

Rocky’s family is very passionate about finding him a good loving home. Rocky is free to any qualified home.

Rocky comes complete with his sleeping crate and other accessories.
Rocky’s family has to leave this Saturday December 17th. So he desperately needs a permanent or a temporary foster home before then.

Rocky lives in Marietta. But transportation can be arranged.
Call the numbers below to meet Rocky or for more information.
(678)488-4772 or (678)447-3161

Molly – Pet of the Week


When planning this year’s Christmas dinner invitations, don’t forget those that are less fortunate.

We often overlook those that do not have the financial means or the ability to prepare their own holiday table. Molly came to GCAS malnourished and unloved. But she has since had some proper nutrition, all of her shots, and preventative treatments.

A turkey spread could go a long way towards helping Molly regain her former voluptuous figure. Molly is too gentle and quiet to invite herself to dinner. You must take that first step.

Call or visit GCAS today and invite Molly to your family feast.
This Christmas, make sure that there is not an empty place at or under your table.

Ps. Molly would love to help with the dishes and could be convinced to stay for leftovers.

Gilmer County Animal shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm

Aries – Pet of the Week


Sick and tired of friends with flaws?

They borrow your stuff, talk behind your back, and steal your boyfriend.

Introducing the all new Aries2016, brought to you by the creators of Inflate-A-Friend.

The Aries2016 is the perfect drama free girlfriend. Years of scientific testing and social engineering have produced the friend who will never borrow your clothes, makeup or Mike.

Aries2016 comes with the patented Q.U.I.T (Quiet-U-I’m-Talking) Adaptor. This breakthrough technology allows Aries to snuggle while listening and yet offer no meaningless advice.

The Aries is medium sized, compact, portable and comes complete with a super soothing velvet grey coat, ideal for watching chick flicks.

What would you expect to pay for this once in a lifetime Friend….all your jewelry, your Gucci sneakers, or your autographed Justin Bieber cd?

But wait! If you call in the next 10 minutes we will upgrade your order to include the Aries2016 visitor alarm & greeter option at no additional charge.


Call today before your next boyfriend gets taken away.

Gilmer County Animal shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm

Pet of the Week, Hershey


HERSHEY is kindhearted soul who is three years old and medium in size.

She needs a wonderful, patient person who will help her explore the world and gain her inner confidence. Hershey is shy, yet very gentle and she enjoys affection. A calm environment without a lot of noise would be best for her.

She does well with other dogs, however, the shelter commotion is stressful for Hershey, and we would love to see her in a peaceful setting. We invite you to stop by to visit with sweet Hershey in person.

Gilmer County Animal shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm

Pet of the Week – Ruger


Having trouble keeping up with the Jones’? Does your neighbor have a nicer house, greener lawn, and better behaved children?

GCAS JULY222016 114What you need is the superior canine.

Ruger is the man for the job. Ruger will help you reclaim your rightful place as neighborhood top dog.

Ruger tested well for cats, other dogs, and children. He also knows his basic commands and could be trained to do his business on the neighbor’s greener lawn.

Don’t settle for second best. Adopt Rugar today.

Gilmer County Animal shelter4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm

Pet of the Week – Candy


The Gilmer County Animal Shelter staff and volunteers see many things that would repulse and dumbfound the common pet lover.

But on occasion a case comes through those doors that just breaks their hearts and nearly brings them to tears.

Someone tied Candy, aka Baby Girl to the GCAS door in the middle of the night and left her.

GCAS JUNE 10 2016 052When the staff arrived the next day they found a pitiful Staffordshire bull terrier covered in open sores from a skin condition, infected with heartworms, and looking near death.

Thanks to the GCAS staff and volunteers, Candy has come a long way. Her wounds have healed and her beautiful snow white coat is finally filling back in.

Thanks to your donations Candy is now scheduled for heartworm treatment.

Candy’s story needs only one final detail for a happy ending…

Candy is a sweet and gentle soul. She is good with other dogs, very friendly, and attentive. This eager to please Baby Girl would make a great addition to most any family.

If you can help sweet Candy find a forever home please visit GCAS today.

Gilmer County Animal Shelter
4152 Highway 52 E
Ellijay, Ga 30536
Hours Tuesday-Saturday, 1-4 p.m.

Pet of the Week – Morgan


GCASMORGANMorgan is an extraordinarily stunning 50 pound, 1 year old Catahoula mix. She is heartworm negative, good with both cats and dogs. She is very quiet and calm in her kennel, yet frisky and friendly when out.

Morgan is perfectly comfortable jogging by your side or just relaxing by the fire. You will be the envy of all your neighbors when you pull up with Morgan sitting next to you. However, like most women, Morgan is looking for a lifetime commitment.


To bring Morgan’s beauty into your home please visit:
Gilmer County Animal Shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-3pm

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