Waters claims “cleanest kitchens in Gilmer” as Schools score 100 on health inspections

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer Schools’ Nutrition Program is celebrating this week with the final two inspections and school cafeteria’s health scores being reported.

According to Gilmer Schools Nutrition Director Linda Waters, both Clear Creek Elementary School (CCES) and Clear Creek Middle School (CCMS) were the two final inspections as she reported this week that every school in the county has made a 100 on their health scores.

With some pointing to this as a more important report than ever before due to the virus and pandemic, a perfect 100 health score seems to relay more peace of mind than it has before as scores show grades on everything from food safety and contamination to personal health and cleanliness.

Waters said, “I am so very proud of all of our staff who work hard to maintain the highest level of sanitation in our kitchens! As I have said before, we have the cleanest kitchens in Gilmer County.”

However, this achievement is not something that has been focused on since the pandemic. Gilmer Schools has achieved this for two years now. Waters said the schools scored 100 in all schools since the winter semester of 2019. FYN also reported in March 2019 those perfect scores. Before that, Waters said that in 2018 the school system saw inspection scores at 100 on all but two schools that received a 99.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website, these schools have been inspected twice a year, once in the fall semester, and once in the winter/spring semester in the new year. Their website also has the full details on the rules and regulations used in their inspections for food service where you can search for the schools and see their inspection history.

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