Homeward Bound Pet of the Week: Lula Belle


Meet Lula Belle; a 2 ½ year old; 21 lb. beagle (mix??) who had lived in a terrible hoarding situation with 20 other dogs.  When rescued from that home, she found herself in a shelter for a year living in a crate/run and let out 3 times a day.  LB has been with HBPR since 11/20/21.  She is residing comfortably in a foster home with 3 dogs and a cat.  The fosters are retired and home most of the time.  At this time, a harness and leash is kept on her 24/7; in order to get her outside for walks.  Her leash walking is fine and enjoys sniffing the new smells.  LB has improved social skills to the point we feel she is ready for a forever home with a hero who will have the time and patience that it’ll take for her to bond.  (She bonded quickly to her foster dad and lets the rest of us in s-l-o-w-l-y.)  Another dog and a fenced yard would be an ideal home for LB.  Every day is a new discovery for her and us!

For more information about the Homeward Bound Pet Rescue pets, check out our website and apply online:  www.hbpr.org.  We are always looking for volunteers to foster and help with socializing our cats and dogs.  We are located between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, GA.

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