CLC Breaks Ground at Clear Creek


Friends and Citizens gathered Sunday, March 19, to witness Gilmer County’s Christian Learning Center (CLC) next step into its future.

KentCLC’s Board of Directors Member, Kent Sanford opened the ceremony speaking about the CLC’s past acknowledging several people who were also present at the groundbreaking of the original building located at the High School.

Sanford made special mention to say thank you to the Community who have supported CLC and its undertakings throughout its existence stating, “One of the greatest things we’re able to do together is by the contributions of everyone coming together to make possible a totally free, release-time, christian education for our students.”

The initial phase of campaigns for the facility are covering soft costs as the organization has already begun contracts with an architect and are looking for surveys needed. Sanford stated they hope to have initial plans ready in four to six weeks and will begin site plans at that point.

signCurrent plans for construction will be looking to have the facility open and ready for students in class in the 2018-2019 school year.

The ceremony also included a small share from three students who have been a part of the CLC’s program. Each student took a moment to explain their thoughts on the CLC and why they are excited to see it coming to Clear Creek.

JasonJaycin Merrell, one of the very first students to attend the 6th Grade Classes offered his thoughts saying, “I am glad that in 2018, Clear Creek Middle School students will have the chance to attend CLC where they can continue to learn about the Lord. So, if you are already supporting the CLC, I thank you. But if you aren’t and would like to start, there is no better time than now.”

The new building will require some shifting of staff from their other facility, but the new CLC building could be looking to add at least one new teacher. This will also upon up the possibility of teaching three different groups of students each semester at Clear Creek totaling availability for up to 200 students by the end of one school year in the estimated 3,000 square feet facility.

More than just the project’s construction, the CLC will also be looking to increase its budget to cover the costs of operating the new facility. Having set a goal for monthly donors to cover a $5,000 increase, the support of the community will be key in furthering the future and possibilities. Sanford also praised the community saying, “Anytime we have had a need, this community has come together and helped.”

Moving forward in the project as community and students have requested classes for Middle School, CLC Director Jennifer Colson stated one of the big reasons for launching the new facility is that “We wanted to start this project so that 7th and 8th Graders can come and take one of our classes during some of the most difficult times of their life… We want to be there to support them and love them and help them.”


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