County approved commercial lot rezoning at Flint Mountain Development

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – Holding their Regular Meeting at a special location, the Gilmer BOC (Board of Commissioners) met at River Park this month, avoiding the courthouse due to COVID-19 exposures.

Due to the recent spike in cases and closures of many county offices until yesterday, the Commissioners opted to cancel their work session and later chose to move their site of the Regular Meeting outside before eventually choosing a pavilion at River Park to avoid rainfall expected during the meeting.

During that meeting, they approved a commercial rezoning request for a development by Flint Mountain Holdings on Highway 282 in Gilmer. Though not directly a part of their 305 lot subdivision plan, it is in the same vicinity, set to be used for boating equipment and a bait shop according to the Commissioners. An isolated commercial lot, Chairman Charlie Paris voiced a comment about the zoning being such, but saw no reason to deny it saying, “If we zone it C-1, there is any number of things that they can do there, but given the location of this property, I can’t imagine that it would be anything that wasn’t associated with the water and the lake.”


Citizens gathered at River Park for the Commissioners July 9, 2020, meeting to avoid weather and COVID-19 exposures in the courthouse.

Ferguson questioned about the property and its relation to Corps of Engineers property. Through discussion, Planning and Zoning Director Karen Henson said the Corps had received a letter and had not made any comments against the zoning change.

Also in their meeting, the board approved a resolution moving forward with the County’s TAN note, although the TAN was previously approved, the item now is to formally approve the contracts for the TAN to be finalized.

The Board also discussed new appointments to other boards. Two spots are still unfilled for the Keep Gilmer Beautiful Advisory Board. Bill Craig was approved to the Building Authority Board.

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