Gilmer Registrar honored with Frances Duncan Award


ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer, like the rest of the state and the nation, has gone through quite a lot since the 2020 Presidential Election. From early voting lines and record setting mail-in ballots to recounts and audits, all while monitoring and maintaining security and integrity in the election results. Now, one award is bringing recognition back to Gilmer County among the entire state.

There is no denying the levels of stress this puts on those running the election in the county and counting the results. Especially under an election that is still being scrutinized today.

To perform and succeed in this situation is one thing, but excelling is something worthy of acknowledgement.


From left to right, Gilmer Probate Judge Scott Chastain, Chief Registrar Tammy Watkins, and Registrar Sherri Jones pose for a picture with Watkins holding the Frances Duncan Award.

That acknowledgement came this week for Gilmer County and it’s Registrars’ Office. Specifically to the county’s Chief Registrar, Tammy Watkins.

Tammy Watkins, Chief Registrar of Gilmer County was honored by the Georgia Association of Voter Registration and Election Officials (GAVREO), by receiving the Frances Duncan award.

According to Gilmer’s Probate Office, “This award is given to just one person in the entire state of Georgia in recognition for their excellence in elections management.”

Tammy Watkins just returned this week from the GAVREO Conference and training under the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, according to the Registrars Office.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, previous to 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak, Georgia held one of the largest meetings of election officials in U.S. history in Savannah with more than 700 local and state elections officials from across Georgia attending a four-day conference.

Though Ms. Watkins was unavailable for comment, the Probate Office of Gilmer County issued a statement saying, “This is a very big honor and we would like to congratulate Tammy for a job well done. Gilmer County is very fortunate to have Tammy serve as our Chief Registrar and we should be so proud that one of our own was recognized with such an honor.”

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