County approves Clear Creek baseball fields repair under FEMA Project


EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – Due to the increasing storms of late, weather damage has been a consistent issue for residents of Gilmer County as well as those in public service and electricity attempting to keep roads clear and power lines up. However, another of the county’s departments felt the damage out Clear Creek Road at the ball fields.

The Gilmer Recreation & Parks Department brought an agenda item to the Board of Commissioners this week during a Special Called Meeting. That agenda item hopes to deal with storm damage and washout to the Clear Creek Ball Fields. According to department director Kevan White, the infield mix has seen the biggest issue as the massive amount of rain has washed away the majority of it.

White also said that repairs would need to include laser grading and other work in addition to just refilling the mix.

However, White also noted that most of the issue stopped with the infields, and no extra work beyond normal maintenance will be needed for the grassy areas and outfield.

Additionally, the county has been offered the repairs to be covered for some reimbursement under FEMA Projects. The county will perform the repairs and cover the costs, but it is eligible for reimbursement of costs under FEMA. According to Public Works Director Jim Smith, the reimbursement will total 85 percent of the total costs of repair, the county will shoulder the extra 15 percent.

With the official motion coming in the meeting, a unanimous vote approved the expenses for repairing the fields and going under the FEMA Project for reimbursement. Rec League football is already underway, but like many places, maintenance and repairs, from the continued rain and passing hurricanes off the coasts, are continuing as they look ahead and prepare for the upcoming sports.

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