BOC changing the budget amendment process in 2022


ELLIJAY, Ga. – With just over a month until Gilmer’s Board of Commissioners sitting down to the budget process and holding public hearings for each department, the board is already looking at the process and is considering adjusting its amendments.

A minor change, but an important one to aid in the number of amendments made, something that has been spoken of in past years when considering the annual audit of the county. Suggestions have been made before that too many amendments could look bad on the audit.

This change will likely affect the capital budget more than the Maintenance and Operations as Chairman Charlie Paris spoke about the process of budgeting very specific amounts for specific purchases such as a motor grader. Looking at the Road Department as an example, Paris noted the example that they budgeted $300,000 for a motor grader. Having found a good slightly used one for roughly $227,000. However, some lower purchases have come in a couple thousand over budgeted price. As Paris noted that most of the purchases are balancing and the Road Department is technically staying within budget on its overall with all the purchases together.

The possible solution considered putting budgeting a general “pot” of funding without specifically budgeting each item. This “lump sum” total allocation could mean fewer amendments.

While this seems likely for the coming budget process, the board is also looking to amend the current budget as well with a resolution to perform a similar change to allow for the “lump sum” allocation.

Continuing on the process, the board is expected to move forward with the resolution at tonight’s 6 p.m. meeting, September 9, 2021. Additionally, the county is currently in the departmental stage of building the 2022 budget and scheduling the annual budget meetings. Usually in October, the county works against its own regular meeting dates as well as the return of Gilmer County’s Annual Apple Festival.

Confirmed earlier this year as the COVID numbers were decreasing, the event returns after last year’s cancellation due to the virus.

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