Gilmer BOE recognized as Quality Board by GSBA

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EAST ELLIJAY, Ga, – Gilmer Schools are celebrating this week as the Gilmer County Board of Education has been awarded the designation of 2021 Quality Board by the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA).

According to the GSBA, the Board Recognition Program is a 3 tier process to achieve the highest level in board governance. The 3 recognition levels are Quality, Distinguished and Exemplary with Exemplary the highest level. GSBA developed this program to reflect the state standards, which offers school boards additional ways to increase their effectiveness. The State Board of Education developed the state standards for governance that form the foundation for GSBA’s awards and recognition program.


Gilmer Schools Board of Education, from left to right, Michael Parks, Joe Pflueger, Chairman Ronald Watkins, Vice-Chair Doug Pritchett, and Michael Bramlett.

Recognition as a Quality Board requires board members to adhere to specific training requirements and standards of performance. Gilmer Schools said that as a part of the state recognition, the GSBA will be honoring the recipients at the 2021 GSBA/GSSA Annual Conference in Atlanta.

In conjunction with the board attending the annual conference, they also select board members as representatives to attend legal conferences to provide input on state policies and other issues. These are only a couple of the gatherings that the board does as a part of the GSBA. The state requires training, but to achieve each status of recognition in the GSBA, each increasing level requires additional training time.

GCS Superintendent, Dr. Brian Ridley stated “I am very happy to be working with this outstanding board. In my short time with them, I have been very impressed with their willingness to work together as a team for the benefit of our students and I am very proud of their accomplishment.”

In addition to meeting state goals in training and budgeting, the board also must incorporate additional state guidelines into their system. Quality Boards have and utilize a strategic plan while incorporating the Georgia Vision Project, adhering to a minimum of 5 of those state imposed guidelines. Additionally, the GSBA’s website states that the Board must comply with standards of all selected accreditation associations applicable.

This Board Recognition Program requires a high level of commitment from school boards and individual members. The GSBA states, “The ultimate goal is to provide a platform based on governance standards which challenges boards, but creates a culture of success for students and communities.”

This is not the first time that the Gilmer Board of Education has achieved this status, but with annual renewals the board must qualify for the status every year.

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