New vendor proposal approved for county’s solid waste


ELLIJAY, Ga. – With increasing prices and costs for Gilmer’s Solid Waste Department, negotiations and requests for proposal have come back with Gilmer officially approving Waste Pro out of Ball Ground for the service.

Putting in their own compactors and servicing Gilmer with the hauling away of trash, Waste Pro will begin service in the new year as the county exercised its notification on the current contract to exit.  Waste Pro’s proposal for the county included both 4 yard compactors with break away units and 35 yard self contained compactors.

Headquartered in Longwood, Florida, Waste Pro hosts an office in Ball Ground, Georgia.

Just as the county currently uses, the compactors with break away units are filled and replaced as the containers are hauled off. The proposal price from Waste Pro for the 4 yard compactors is $775 per month with 11 units proposed. However, continuing negotiations with Gilmer could see a drop in this proposed price as the proposal is noted that if the county opts for older used units, this price will be reduced.

That note also applies with the 12 proposed 35 yard self-contained compactors in the proposal.

The county is readying for the new year along with its recent approvals for bids for materials as well.

Appalachian Propane was approved for their Propane bid of $1.98 per gallon.

Vulcan Materials was approved for their bid of Crushed Stone at $15.25 per ton among alongside others.

Hudson Materials Company was approved for their bid of Emulsion at $2.05 per gallon of CRS-2H and $2.49 per gallon of CRS-2p with increases based on if delivered and partial or full load.

West Block was approved for their bid on Concrete between $114 and $140 per cubic yard based on mixes at different PSI.

CW Matthews was approved for their bid on Asphalt materials ranging between $60 and $75 per unit based on specifications of the asphalt.

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