BOC pushes back nominations for Park and Rec Board


ELLIJAY, Ga. – Nominations for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board did not see approval this month as the Board of Commissisoners (BOC) decided to wait for more defined information before submitting their names for nominations.

As the BOC discussed the agenda item, several areas of representation were discussed including youth sports, the walking trail, overall condition and facilities, Tennis, Pickleball, Pool, Civic Center, and soccer.

The BOC also discussed including the school system’s High School Athletic Director as the youth sports lead into school sports.

One of the discussion came as the county will be looking at other areas of inclusion for representation. They also noted that while the advisory board should cover the whole park and each person makes up the whole, this would allow each representative to have an area of expertise.

Additionally, the BOC is still discussing the exact parameters of the advisory board’s responsibility for recommendations, plans, changes, and other areas the county may be seeking advisement on. Paris noted that he specifically did not want the board to have the authority to make any changes themselves.

Post Commissioner Parker stated he had names that he would nominate, but wanted to see the official documentation and responsibilities first so that anyone joining the board would know exactly what was expected. The commissioners discussed each member coming up with a list of responsibilities and expectations to help build the starting documentation for the advisory board. With that document in construction and due to return in August, this could mean that actual nominations could potentially be pushed back until September as the BOC establishes the board’s responsibilities in August and takes time to speak to people before nominating them. However, if the BOC adds the item to a special called meeting expected to take pace in late July, then nominations could come in the August meeting.

Within youth sports, ideas came to split representatives or have multiple representatives for either male and female sports or potentially splits between a parents representatives and coaches or officials or some other need.

Discussion also focused on the advisory board creating a master plan or 5 year plan for the commissioners similar to the airport advisory board.

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