East Ellijay responds to major leak near 515


EAST ELLIJAY, Ga. – East Ellijay Mayor Mack West has confirmed a leak as the cause of the work seen this week on state Route 515 in East Ellijay.

The Ellijay-Gilmer County Water and Sewerage Authority responded to a leak in the area near Hardee’s and under the highway. The leak, located on Industrial Boulevard in front of Hardee’s, was losing around 130 gallons of water per minute.

Responding to the leak, West said that certain areas of East Ellijay have been without water nearly three days in the process of redirecting the water flow away from the older pipes during the process. That included boring under state Route 515 as well as including new cutoffs and valves reaching up to and along Laurel Street.

Ellijay-Gilmer County Water and Sewerage Authority Director Gary McVey also confirmed that the work is implanting new piping in the area. Instead of attempting to repair or refurbish the existing cast iron piping in the region, the Authority bored under 515 for new piping in order to avoid and abandon the existing cast iron pipes with the leak.

The final tie-in should be placed tonight, according to McVey, completing the new path. However, with the main work finished, citizens will continue to see workers in the area for a few days next week while they clean up the work and fill in the excavated sites.


Short Takes – Political Pipe Dreams


Political Pipe Dreams

As 2017 comes screeching to its inevitable but satisfactory conclusion, it’s clear that Progressive “Visions of Sugar Plums Dancing in Their Heads,” sweeping the Congress back into Democrat hands in 2018, are actually turning into Pipe Dreams. Hope is not a battle plan.

The gallimaufry of the Democrat party is evidence enough that they are in deep trouble. Virginia and Alabama election victories aside, they will be unable to rally enough voters to their banner when their entire sales pitch has been trashed by its own failures. Their red banner, upon which is emblazoned a yellow hammer and sickle, is no longer appealing to Americans. A catharsis is in the making for Democrats. Which direction will they go, further “Left” into the deep dark recesses of totalitarianism or make a right turn back into the sunlight of Constitutionalism?

Reports are surfacing even now, that Latino Congressman, Gutierrez, and others, got into a shouting match with Senator Chuckie Schumer over their party’s failure to stop the GOP’s tax cuts or, and especially important  to Latino Democrats, failing to include the DACA act as a non negotiable item to be removed. Special interest groups, like the Congressional Latinos, are now engage in vituperative attacks against an elderly white Senators from New York, because there is no direction anymore, there is no leadership in that sector and a catharsis is coming.

There are simply too many chefs in the Democrat kitchen for an effective menu of their socialist  

political nonsense to be prepared and dished up when the dining area is emptying of patrons. Not everyone wants a steady diet of “arroz con pollo or Tacos y enchiladas.”

And, what happened to the Congressional Black Caucus? With intellectual illuminaries like Sheila Jackson Lee who says, It’s a direct result of Trump’s racist hatred of African Americans that caused an American Airlines plane to derail in Washington state. Just another way to genocide us.” or Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson who opined the island of Guam could capsize if a brigade of US Marines were stationed there. They remain silent.

And, the disease spreads as we see happening in the UN. I love the defiant reaction of the UN’s General Assembly to President Trump’s comment” “Let ‘em, I don’t care!”  in response to Trump’s threat to relieve non cooperative countries of the burden of how to spend the money the American taxpayers gifts them each year. Oh, woe! What a silly vote, to deny the US its right to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or denying the US its right to move its embassy there.

What this all means is that America has leadership again. Trump, a successful, apodictic  businessman, not obliged to agree with his political handlers, but whose realistic visions has determined that America needs to be led from the front not from behind, is leading. Happily, enough voters agreed with him that America’s turnaround, while painful for some, is a relief for most.

How can it be possible for the Socialist Democrat program of top down collectivism compete with the future financial success that Donald Trump is introducing? Democrat ‘happy talk’ of fairness for all, specifically does not include any but the victims, losers, perverts and favored politicians that has been hung around America’s neck like the proverbial albatross since the social programs of the 1960’s and even earlier. Confidence is returning to America. People feel it, see it and know it. “Merry Christmas” has returned to the market place again. That can’t be bad, except to Progressives who still dwell in their pipe dreams.

Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Dec17)

Piping in Gilmer’s Detention Center


The 210 day contract for the new sewer line laid to the Gilmer County Detention Center has begun.

DSC01617While the initial notice to proceed (210 Days start point) was given on December 5, Ellijay-Gilmer County Water & Sewerage Authority Director Gary McVey did note, “This could vary some depending on inclement weather days, but the project is expected to be completed within this general time frame. Work is now underway after planning and surveying to actually dig in and lay the pipe.

Utilizing “approximately 7,497 linear feet of 8” gravity sewer pipe and approximately 5,267 linear feet of 6” force main piping,” this tie-in to the existing sewer lines is set to replace the existing septic tanks at the jail. However, according to McVey, this will also extend service to other businesses, buildings, or homes wishing to also use the new line.

Should anyone wish to tie in, McVey stated, “The gravity portion of the line which begins at the Gilmer County Jail and ends at a lift station to be placed just east of the Owltown Bridge will be open for homes, buildings, and businesses to tie on.”

PipingIt will be more difficult, but not necessarily impossible, for there to be homes, buildings, and businesses to tie in to the Force Main portion of the project which begins at the lift station and ends at a connection to an existing gravity sewer main located on Old Bennett Road (off of Yukon Road).  Those wishing to tie into this line will have to utilize a properly sized sewerage pump as well as the current tap on fee, customers with a ¾” residential water meter is $550.00.

Additionally, according to Director McVey, “If additional construction is required, such as boring under a roadway, the customer is charged for the cost of that additional construction.  Additionally, there is an impact fee of $1,587.60  for customers that have a ¾” residential water meter.”

FYN inquired as to any special precautions that might need be taken as residences and businesses may end up on this line from a Detention Center. While the pipe itself has no special needs, a specific device called an ‘Auger Monster’ will be used and is being purchased as a part of the total project costs.

According to McVey,

“There are special requirements that must be addressed before the sewerage from a detention center is introduced to the sewerage collection system.  In any situation in which inmate housing is involved, there are issues with “unusual” debris being flushed that normally is not seen in a collection system.  To address this issue (as they do at other inmate facilities), there will be a grinder pump called an “Auger Monster” placed at the jail site.  This Auger Monster will utilize a large screen in which items that cannot pass through the screen will be automatically disposed in a dumpster; items that pass through the screen will be totally ground up so that the material will flow in the sewerage collection system.”

This process is completed before the sewerage reaches the general collection pipe effectively preventing the objects from entering into them.

Prep WorkAs citizens travel out Highway 52 towards the Jail, they will see construction off the edge of the road as the pipe will continue to be laid in the coming months until ultimately the county takes the process to cut and reset its current septic tanks in favor of dedicating service to the line.

According to Commission Chairman Charlie Paris, he is expecting to connect the sewer line for the jail and pump out the existing septic tanks. However, he does not plan on removing the tanks from underground. After the county shuts down water to the jail and begins the process of changing over to the line system, the septic tanks will be rendered “dead” on the premises and no longer usable.



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