Anatomy of Corruption


Anatomy of Corruption
Americans are just now realizing how close to the brink of oblivion we were had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election. Nothing could be more palimpsest than the quickly unfolding layers of official corruption, once denied, that is the “Deep State.” There’s one and its tentacles run deep.

Mueller’s inquiry left no stone unturned in trying to prove that Trump and/or his campaign team colluded with the Russians causing the anointed one, Queen Hillary, to lose, while avoiding completely Hillary Clintons and the DNC’s real collusion with the Russians. Answer to those questions now fall to Attorney General Barr who’s already batting away the tears of fear from those who will be affected. The Buck should stop at Obama. He owns it all.

As Atty. General Barr’s investigations commence into finding the cause and effect, the Who, What, Where, When and Why any investigation requires, the How shows the starting results that the conspirators own clumsiness revealed. It makes gangrene look good by comparison.

Government normally works like a poorly oiled machine with lines of communication up and down, often interrupted by mid-level managers who don’t like the goals sought or want to alter already decisions made. The now revealed layers of corruption shows how deep the rot had permeated the FBI, DoJ, CIA, IRS and DCI, each with some law enforcement element to it that could send any one of us to prison, for anything or for nothing. Scary!

In ancient times, groups of similar’s gathered together for protection. A leader was selected based upon his ability to fight and protect them (Clans). Societies then divide themselves into smaller groups (Septs) under the titular leadership of the main Chief by cooperation and agreement and acknowledgement of that up chain of command. Its called respect.

In our times, leadership, like in Congress, by right, goes to the oldest, not the best. When those groups divide because they don’t get along, then leadership has to be decisively brutal. For example, Nancy Pelosi, a nitwit, is “Speaker” not because she’s a tough leader who drinks wine from the skulls of her enemies, but because she’s the oldest. AOC on the other hand, in her first two months in her tribe, has already challenged Pelosi for the leadership, not practically, but figuratively because people naturally follow the popular leader.

Too retain their power, and its ‘perks,’ a leader, including their hangers-on, have to be respected. Where is it in the Democrat Party today? Twenty-three Democrat wannabe’s presidents clawing with each other for hegemony over the others, only stopping short of bashing in the others skulls?

They do this while Americas real Clan Chief, the wizard of human relations, Donald Trump, contemptuously looks down from his seat in the Oval Office and mocks them cruelly for their incompetence, ignorance and weakness. Trump has shown Americans what Presidential leadership should be. Interruptions to the flow of authority by deep state implants will soon end. Trump will then be free to continue breaking away the chains of socialism the Democrats have been hanging around American’s necks for decades. Disrespectful threats to Trumps leadership fall off his back like water off a ducks back.

Who can have any respect for Rep. Jerry Nadler or Adam Schiffer, whiners both, incapable of striking a fatal blow. They are leaders because of being in Congress far too long, not because they know what the hell they’re doing. But they can do no less because they too have been corrupted by the very machine they live in, political power. Nadler has his ‘subpoena power’ How’s that working for him? Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (19May19)


America Has Never Seen Such Perfidy


I might consider it important to be even remotely concerned by the result of the Manafort, Cohen
witch trials, that are solely designed to reverse the voters choice in 2016, when I see Hillary
Clinton and her cabal of criminal enablers headed for prison or the hangman’s scaffold.

Every member of the “deep state” that supported the Hillary Clinton nonsense after the election,
dedicated to bringing down Trump, has engaged in a treasonous act that screams for retribution
yet, there she is, reorganizing herself, ostensibly to have another go in 2020 at ruining America.

Trump threw a dagger into the heart of the forth estate, the Left Wing Media, when he called
them the enemy of the state and they can’t pull the dagger out because he was right. When the
media fails to report news as it happens but becomes instead, shills for socialism, doing all in
their power to ignore Trumps triumphs while conniving to implicate him in unproven collusion
schemes that Hillary Clinton and the DNC cooked up, then they correctly stand accused.

Why does the Left Wing media ignore another brutal murder of an American citizen by an
Illegal, once a DACA claimant, by referring to the victim, in passing, as “that girl in Iowa?” Why
does Pocahontas, a wanna-be Socialist candidate for President, when asked her opinion about
the brutal murder of young Mollie Tibbett's by an illegal alien, answer with some slop about
babies being separated from their families at the border? The murders of Americans by illegal
immigrants, like Mollie Tibbett's in Iowa and Kate Steinlie in San Francisco, make no impression
at all on members of the POPO (Party of Perpetual Outrage), i.e.: the Democrats. Why?
Because they simply do not care. They need voters and as both those young murdered women,
and others, are already dead, their opinion doesn’t count anymore.

PoPo’s give no thought of course that both of the girls were separated from their own families,
forever. If the People are the State, then yes, the media stands as its enemy. “The enumeration
in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained
by the people”… 9th amendment. Perhaps the people need to establish courts to address these
high crimes and misdemeanors by government officials, if those we pay to protect us, won’t.

Yes, I realize we’re talking “extra-judicial” proceedings here but the point must come, as surely it
will, that for its own protection the “deplorable’s” must take preemptive action or be crushed
under the heel of totalitarianism. It’s the reason it’s important to preserve the 2nd amendment.
The PoPo’s have no compunction launching their Antifa’s and BLM’s against us, do they?

Michale Cohen, Trump’s once personal legal adviser, wasn’t found guilty of anything. He simply
agreed to a plea bargain with the devil. The issue of Trump’s alleged collusion, after a years
intrusion by Mueller into what has already been exposed as a PoPo scheme directed by Hillary
Clinton and facilitated by the corrupted DoJ and FBI, still go unanswered. We are told Hillary
was exonerated (by FBI Director Comey). How can that possibly be? Where in all the
Constitutional rules that govern America’s laws, does an FBI Director have the power of
exonerating any criminal without at least a Grand Jury proceeding? And that’s DoJ’s job.

Yet, despite all the schemes of the ‘PoPo’s, there stands Trump still erasing the legacy of the
most harmful president we have ever experienced. Trump is saving America and the PoPo’s
can’t take it anymore. Trump’s filled rallies are proof enough of that. He speaks to the people
and the people, the real state, are listening.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, now, go get’m (22Aug18).

Mrs. Nancy Lorene Postell: Obituary


Mrs .Lorene Postell, age 80, of Ellijay GA, died Sunday May 22, 2016.

Mrs. Postell was born May 4, 1936 in Fannin County GA, the daughter of late Fair Banks Jones and Effie Earley Jones. She was a homemaker and member of the Liberty Baptist Church.

Mrs. Postell was preceded in death by: parents and brothers, Marvin, Jimmy and Billy Jones and sister Ezell Davenport.

Survivors include: Husband, Charles Postell of Ellijay. Daughters, Angel Postell, Ellijay, Lottie (Paul) Mitchell, Ellijay. Brothers, George (Viola) Jones, Maryville TN, Emmon (Jean) Jones, Acworth, Ray (Darlene) Jones, Dahlonega, Johnny (Ann) Jones, Cartersville. Sisters, Kathleen (Spence) Dilbeck, Epworth, Shelby (Bill) Patterson, Blue Ridge, Bettye (Bob) Chastain, Blue Ridge. Granddaughters, Abbie Mitchell and Lindsay (Drew) Collins. Great Grandchildren, Jackson And Ellie Collins.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday May 24, 2016 at 4:00pm from the chapel at Bernhardt Funeral Home. Rev. Russell Hood and Rev. David Nicholson will be officiating. Interment will be in the Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery.

Family will meet with friends on Monday May 23, 2016 from 5 until 9pm at Bernhardt Funeral Home.

Gilmer Graduation Hope for the Field!


In a surprise announcement, the Gilmer County Charter School System Superintendent Dr. Shanna Wilkes told attendees to the Board of Educations work session Monday night they had hope.

With citizens outcry and even petitions signed to plead with the School Board to make Graduation on the Football Field a possibility, not many believed the idea would actually be possible due to Construction activity and safety hazards. However, Dr. Wilkes told citizens Monday that, due to the tireless efforts of the Parrish Construction Group, students are going to be able to hold their Commencement Ceremonies at Huff Mosley Stadium this Friday.

Unfortunately, this news comes with a sour note as a bleak weather forecast may still force attendees indoors after all. The Board will be forced to make a final decision Wednesday as to where to hold the ceremony so that setup and other preparations can begin.


Candidate for GA 51st District John Williamson points out Tax Increases since 2010

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Experience Matters: Vote Josh Teague for Probate Judge on May 24

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In 2015 the Gilmer County Probate Court heard approximately 1300 criminal cases, 250 estate and guardianship matters, and probated or administered around 120 wills- each of those matters deserved a qualified, experienced, full time Probate Judge who knows the law when you cast your vote for them.
Which of these qualities matter most to you when voting for your new Probate Judge?
Experience, Education, and Day 1 Readiness?
Josh will be ready on day 1 to serve as your Probate Judge, he is the most experienced candidate in the race and the only candidate with experience in a federal prosecutors office, a judges chamber, and as a private attorney. Josh has been continuously involved in the legal field since he was 17 years old, working through college in a law firm, completing internships with 2 Superior Court Judges and the United States Attorney’s Office, and then engaging himself in the private practice of law in Gilmer County for over 5 years.
Josh has pledged to be your full time Probate Judge and will work tirelessly to provide Gilmer County with the most efficient, fair, and judicious Court possible.
A compassionate Judge may listen to someone’s problems; however, it’s only beneficial when they have the experience and knowledge to help. Josh regularly represents individuals who are facing the most difficult times of their lives: individuals charged with crimes, seriously injured, facing foreclosure, crime victims and their families, and those dealing with the death of their loved ones.
Josh will bring no bias to the Probate Court. Josh will strive to ensure that each and every person who appears before his Court is not only treated fairly but feels heard and met with compassion.
Still undecided?
Watch the candidate debate and decide who is the most experienced, qualified, and knowledgable candidate yourself, find the link on my Facebook page or
(Paid for by the campaign to Elect Josh Teague Probate Judge)

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Wisconsin’s aftermath and the coming political storm…


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Who is out? Who is in? Where’s the nominee?

Elections and primaries dot the land as America marches toward its next presidency, no matter what it brings.

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