Short Takes – Are the Tea Party’s Moribund?


Are the Tea Party’s Moribund?

“Associated Press declares Republican ‘Tea Party’ era has faded away…..” Hummn? Maybe, but I disagree with the premise asserted here by noting that pop-up, grass root political organizations like Tea Party’s, were mostly filled with aroused, angry people born in the 40’s and 50’s, who lived through the WW2 years and beyond, and enjoyed America’s post-war heyday of economic growth, prosperity and good living, only to see their parents achievements being replaced by the corrupting philosophy’s of national socialism, the same socialism their parents had just defeated. It was their parents who were the “Greatest Generation” and today, their children tend to get a bit tired after they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.   

Regardless of clearly commercial Internet Tea Party organizations that claim some primary roll over the movement, Tea Party’s were really local attempts to make a difference by people who realized their Representative were not doing what the base wanted but instead were spending without control and raising taxes to pay for it. Taxed Enough Already was the Tea Party’s mantra and still is. What they realized was, is that politics should not be a career choice.

Attending political meetings where you’re told what you already know and nothing really seems to get done, quickly loses its appeal. Most meetings are merely platforms for speech makers to energize the enthusiasm of the base to do one thing and one thing only, effect “term limits” one politician at a time and, that has been done.

Three successive national elections has completely changed the Congress from a majority of Marxist leaning Democrats and go along to get along Republicans happy not to have been kicked out by their constituents, to a majority of Republicans being pushed and cajoled by the few Tea Party members elected to replace dangerous democrats. More Changes are coming!

Time passes and enthusiasm wanes, but not the determination to make America great. The denizens of “fly-over” America have seen the results of their combined efforts to make the changes needed in the body politic. Enthusiasts, no matter how their called, Tea Party or GOP or whatever, have succeeded. The battle is joined.

At this moment, our President is Donald Trump, not a politician but a pragmatists, a doer who is doing what he promised he would and returning to Americans the pride they felt in their country that the previous administration apologized away. Weakness invites contempt. America is no longer weak.

The Tea Party movement encouraged a morose population of patriots to get off their butts and start changing their attitudes from defeatism and disheartening acceptance of the coming Socialism, to realizing the righteousness of America’s constitutional representative government, and connivence others to change their attitudes too. It worked in three successive elections.

Today, we see a rising tide of minority Americans of African descent realizing they have been kept on the lowest level of the economic plantation created by the Democrats, and are starting to rebel, despite what the Black Shirts of the Fascist anarchy movements, AntiFa and BLM, want. America is on the threshold of greatness and we need all our citizens involved in the task. That’s the promise Trump has brought us, and that’s the promise he’s keeping. Conservatives can no longer enjoy the policy of bipartisanship with an enemy that wants to destroy us.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ‘em! (03Jun18)

Judy Oglesby: Obituary


Judy Oglesby

Judy Oglesby, age 70, of Ellijay passed away on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at NE Georgia Health System in Gainesville.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Max and Olav Burns and three brothers, Lamar, Donnie and Ronnie.

She is survived by her husband, Frank Oglesby of Ellijay; two daughters and sons-in-law; Tina and Antonio Cacho of Tallassee, AL and Kimberly and Chuck Switzer of Marshall, IL; three sons and daughters-in-law, Kenny and Angela Sayers of Deatsvile, AL, Brian and Trisha Sayers of Jasper, GA and Michael Oglesby of Pine Mountain, GA; two brothers and sisters-in-law, Roger and Brenda Burns of Canton and Tommy and Judy Burns of Cohutta; eleven grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren; nieces and nephews.

The funeral service to honor the life of Judy Oglesby will be held Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. at the Pleasant Grove Chapel of Julian Peeples Funeral Home.

Burial will be in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Sunday from 1:00 until the service time of 3:00 pm.

You may leave the family a message or light a candle on the tribute wall at

Funeral arrangements are by Julian Peeples Funeral Home, Pleasant Grove Chapel, Dalton.  For further information, call 706-259-7455.

Brian Kemp visits Ellijay Tea Party

Election, Politics

ELLIJAY, Ga. – Georgia Secretary of State, and now candidate for governor, Brian Kemp visited Gilmer County today, Feb. 20, to speak with the Ellijay Tea Party about his campaign.

Coming from Athens-Clarke County, Kemp says he got frustrated with the local government’s regulations and taxes. He went on to say, “I wanted to make government smaller. I wanted to make it more efficient. I wanted to streamline it. I was tired of liberal, big Democratic policies going on in state government.”

Moving ahead to his current campaign, Kemp told those present to look at the candidates and ask, “Who do you actually trust to do what they say?”

Kemp noted his use of technology to advance Georgia saying, “I do have that record of using technology to change our corporate filing system where now, the last two years in a row, we have literally set records for the number of annual registrations we’re doing in the first quarter … We also implemented a state-wide voter registration system, a new system because our old one was failing and it was on the state’s old mainframe computer. This is literally a state-wide IT project where we had to go through year-long procurement and then implement this new system in all 159 counties, retraining all the county registrars and election workers on how to use it. But we did that because we now have a better system that does more for the local election folks.”

Elections became a closer focus in Kemp’s meeting as he spoke about supporting the photo ID law for securing elections. Kemp stated he has been attacked by several politicians calling him a voter suppressor. Adamantly denying the claim, he noted 800,000 more people on voter rolls now than when he took office. Though accused of suppressing voting, Kemp noted record turnouts for voting in Georgia for the last elections we have had including the 2016 Presidential Election, the SEC Regional Primary, and even the Karen Handel versus Jon Ossoff special election.

Focusing on his four-point-plan, Kemp took his time to explain his ideas for the governor’s office and his next steps if he gets elected. Noting his first point of making Georgia the number one state in the country for small business, Kemp said that he is a small business guy who spent and still spends time with his construction company. Saying 95 percent of corporations in Georgia’s 700,000 companies employ less than 50 people, he added that Ellijay itself is built on the backs of small businesses.

As his second point, Kemp claimed he wants to fundamentally reform state government through its budget, operations, and taxes. This brought up points of the spending cap and tax reform. Kemp said the only tax breaks he has seen is for those who have lobbyists before adding, “I’m wanting to be your lobbyist as governor, your lobbyist to give you tax breaks.”

Accomplishing this, according to Kemp, would require implementing the spending cap and budgeting conservatively in order to have money left over at the end of the year. Having money left over would lead to the real tax reform. Kemp added he did not care who it was, he would work with anyone on tax reform as long as it is broad based.

“The third point is making sure all of Georgia has the same opportunity; we’re moving all of Georgia forward. It’s not healthy for our state when we only have certain communities that are growing and thriving,” said Kemp, who added that he was the first candidate to make a plan to strengthen rural Georgia including protecting our military bases, taking the Georgia Grown program internationally, and creating economic strike teams to focus investments and job opportunities for projects of real regional significance.

Resting on his fourth point, Kemp said it was something that is easy to say, but not for politicians to follow through on. “Putting Georgians First” has become a campaign slogan for Kemp in addition to a trending hashtag #gafirst. Kemp delved deeper into the topic saying he wanted citizens ahead of special interest groups. He also wants to enforce the ban on sanctuary cities saying, “It’s ridiculous that we have states like California that are now wanting to become sanctuary states when we’re not even taking care of our people and our own veterans. Illegals can go into hospital rooms and get free healthcare and our own people are getting priced out of the market.”

Closing his speech, Kemp told those present that he could not do it alone saying, “I cannot win this race without your help.” Stating he was not a special interest candidate, Kemp claimed he has the resources to win and the “best ground game in the state” with locals and citizens who endorse his message and his campaign. He called it a grassroots army that he was raising through people who would support him.

After delivering his message, Kemp took a few moments to answer questions. Generally focusing on elections, voter IDs, and ballots, Kemp noted there is not a verifiable paper audit trail in current systems. With an aging system that has been near collapse, Kemp says they have been looking at options for the next system to use. Considering electronic systems versus paper ballots, the discussion of what system should be used has caused debate.

Kemp spoke about a test last November in Conyers as a pilot: “You vote on a marking device like we have now. Then, once you hit submit, it prints the ballot out. You can hold it in your hand. You can look at your selections … Let’s say it’s not like you want it, you take it to a poll worker, they spoil the ballot, and you go back. If it is like you want to vote, you go to a scanner. It scans that ballot, counts it electronically, so you have the electronic count. Then it drops it into a locked ballot box, so you have the paper receipt. So, you actually have two ways to audit after the election.”

FetchYourNews also got a chance to ask Kemp about his opinions on Senate Bill 375, “Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act.” Though Kemp said he had not fully read 375, he said he signed the pledge to support religious liberty legislation that was vetoed in recent years. A topic that has divided lawmakers and legislators, the religious liberty pledge could set the future of reviving that legislation. While supporters point to the protection legislation like 375 could afford businesses and departments, opponents fire back with allegations of “legalized discrimination.”

Kemp said in today’s Tea Party meeting, “The sky is not falling if we protect religious freedom and religious liberty by signing a bill in Georgia that references what is in federal law.” Calling it a common sense thing, he says he is supportive of the issue. However, signing the religious freedom bill may make Bill 375 a “non-issue.”

Short Takes – 2018



Today is the first day of a brand new year, that drags along with it the sum of all the problems and pretenses of the old year, but accompanied with a dash of sincere hope that under new management, our country can succeed in restoring America to its rightful role, for all the world, as the “Shining Beacon on the Hill.”

I noted that we approach the future under Donald Trump, ‘with a dash of hope,’ but also with a marked lack of enthusiasm. The TEA Party experience seems to have evaporated into thin air after having achieved three consecutive election victories for Conservative principles that finally showed the Marxist-Democrats the door. But those rascals are still out there plotting and scheming and organizing, to undo the grass works efforts that made a Trump Presidency and a Republican Congress possible. From Republicans, there is no gratitude.

Shockingly, the lack of acknowledgement of that effort from our stunned elected politicians who constitute the Republican Party, and who still fail to grasp the import of the tidal wave of political change that eliminated the Democrats, has also swept the GOP’s influence out the door too. They are still reeling in disbelief wondering how a pragmatists became their leader. Apparently some have even “reached across the aisle” to join hands with the Socialist enemy to try to restore their combined hegemony over the American political process. Let the looting continue.

Primary among the GOP “Never Trumpers” stands 4th place loser John Kasich, Governor of Ohio who, if the frequent appeals from his web site to my email address are any indication, still believes he should be the rightful Republican candidate so as to restore to proper governing, the failed process of “bipartisanship” and return our government to the capable hands of the one world government crowd composed of mega banks, international corporations and the quasi assembly of third world nations gathered under the blue banner of the United Nations.

2018 will be another important midterm election experience for conservatism. Also judging by the volume of their appeals for donations, Democrats must truly believe, because Americans really, really hate Trump, that they will capture the House and the Senate again. How they accomplish that goal with an intractable and intransigent, but aging leadership, themselves ready for hospice care, is in serious doubt. Their message never changes, free stuff for everyone, no border walls, protect sanctuary cities and states, and free education and glorify perversion because it’s only fair.

Future leadership for the Democrat party is an unspoken contest between old time American  leftists and the corroding influence of foreign ideals (Islam), they are trying to force into the American culture as a norm, a precursor of the coming jihad that turns America into a Caliphate.  

Presently, both party’s find their bases confused by indecision. For the Democrats, it’s do they move further left and double down, or move center right to save themselves? For the stupid Republicans, a golden opportunity has been laid at their feet and sure as heck, they’re going to flub it. Where is the TEA parties when we need them? The GOP needs to be cleansed of its socialist heretics. Younger conservative candidates need to be encouraged to step forward and seize the reins of American constitutionalism. As my friend Jack Smith reminds us constantly, “if not now, when?” “If not you, who?”…or something like that. We’ve got to get moving, now.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (01Jan 2018)

Gilmer County Tea Party – Monday Night

Announcements, Announcements

GilmerTeaParty FLYER

The Tea Party of Gilmer Party invites you to come its meeting Monday February 13th

Your Monthly News & Updates
The TPGC next meeting will be Monday Feb 13th at the Gilmer arts Building  at 207 Dalton Street, Ellijay, Georgia

Meet and Greet with Refreshments at 6:30 PM
Meeting starts at 7:00 PM
The theme of this meeting will be ‘The future Direction and actions of the Tea Parties” and we are asking for your input as it is YOUR Tea Party.
We’re Back
If this is the first newsletter you have received since about Christmas it is because several of our recent Newsletters have had the ETC/Ellijay addresses blocked by a NY server used for ETC E-Mail accounts. Constant Contact, ETC and the Tea Party of Gilmer county have spent the last month working on this problem and we now believe our Newsletters are back to normal.
Tea Pot

Tea Party Goals


From it’s inception the Tea Party goal has been to sound the alarm and provide solid information about what was going on in our Country which was contrary to the Constitution.
The various Tea Parties including our own did a good job in providing information but that is now in the past as our side won and elected a President who is trying to do something about the problems we shouted from the rooftops for the last eight years but the battle is only half won.
In order to realize the rewards of the last election to stop run away taxes and regulations and to enforce our laws about illegal migration the Tea Parties need to get behind President Trump by contacting our elected officials and urging them to show a little spine and act like winners and get it done by what ever legal means necessary.
A Few Cases In Point
Confirm Trump’s nominations today using the nuclear option as Harry Reid and the Democrats have shown they will use whatever works while the Republicans continue to play nice so the Left wing media won’t say mean things about them.
Betty DeVos is yet to be confirmed as Secretary of Education and has in fact two Republicans who received huge contributions from the teachers Union intending to vote against her.
VP Pence will be the tie breaker but both Sen Collins and Sen Murkowski should be stripped of any leadership or committee positions today.
Executive Orders
The last six Presidents have used executive orders to limit immigration but when Trump does the same thing with a ninety day temporary order an activist district Judge (A position created by Congress) is telling the American people he alone has the power to over turn our national sovereignty and the laws passed by congress.
To save you some time on Google I will quote Section 212F of the Immigration and Nationality act of 1952 “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he MAY BY PROCLAMATION ,and for such period as he may deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

Last is the return of Law and order as that would stop the riot problem in it’s tracks.


When the TPGC wanted to speak from the Old Courthouse steps back in 2009 we asked for and received a permit from the city of Ellijay. We had no riots and no trash left behind

Now we have riots, people hurt and huge property damage while Police are told to stand down and or just restrain the precious little ‘snow flakes”.


I am going to post a list of phone number for you to load on your phone in order to call your elected officials and let them know what you expect from them in they like their job.

Bring your ideas to our next meeting on Feb 13th.


Contacts of Interest

Senator Isakson
Senator Perdue
Representative Collins
State Senator Steve Gooch
Ga House Speaker Ralston
Representative Doug Collins

News Sources

If you have ideas for our meetings, please contact me at the email address below.

Frank Oglesby, Chairman

Tea Party of Gilmer County extends invitation to Annual Christmas Party!



Special Election Georgia State Senate District 54


The (little over) 30 day rush to find a new State Senator for the 54th. District after Governor Nathan Deal appoints State Senator Charlie Bethel to the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Tea Party of Gilmer County announces meeting to discuss Hospital & ER services



George’s Short Minutes 2/26/16


Stay Tuned for Chaos?

Tea Party of Gilmer County – Religious Freedom in the State of Georgia


Religious Freedom in the State of Georgia

Are you Concerned?  Join us at the ETC Pavilion (preceding Movie – One Generation Away @ First Baptist Church)

Sunday, October 25, 4-5 pm Movie starts @ 5:30 pm at Church


State Sen. Josh McKoon

State Rep. Sam Teasley

State Rep. David Stover

Faith & Freedom Coalition Virginia Galloway


Georgia Constitution Coalition

Tea Party of Gilmer County

Graves: Solution to Scandals, Dismantle IRS

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Rep Tom Graves (R-GA-14) says the solution to the IRS Scandal is to dismantle the agency. (more…)

Handel with Care: Karen Handel Tests Waters for Senate Bid in Gilmer County.

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Karen Handel made an on-off-the-cuff visit to Poole’s BBQ in East Ellijay last week. (more…)

TSPLOST Continues to Vex Voters

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Ninth District Race Heats Up

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“If you want bumper-sticker, easy answers, I’m not your candidate.”


Voting Record Haunts Chambliss and Isakson at Town Hall

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“Please don’t help us more than you already have; my liberty and my 401K can’t take it.”


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