Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter to host annual BBQ and Silent Auction!

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGA) will be hosting their annual BBQ and Silent Auction on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 11:30 am until 3 pm at the Gilmer County Civic Center (1561 South Main St., Ellijay, GA 30540).

Lunch reservations are requested. There are a limited number of tickets available at the door.

Food served will be Shane’s Pork BBQ, Beans, Slaw, Tea, and Dessert.

Auction Admission is free! Lunch is $10 per person.

All proceeds are to fund low cost spay/neuter, vetting Gilmer County Animal Shelter pets, and other Gilmer County Programs.

Email or call to reserve your tickets!
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Gilmer Preps for Florence


ELLIJAY, Ga – Not even two months have passed since Gilmer suffered through one of the worst storms it has seen in decades near the end of July, yet Hurricane Florence threatens to be just as bad, if not worse, according to reports from the National Weather Service and State Governments along the East Coast.

Both South and North Carolina have seen mandatory evacuation orders for residents in certain areas. With the residents continuing to travel west away from the storm, Georgia’s State Government has spoken about accepting those fleeing the path of the hurricane. The National Guard and the Coast Guard have already been mobilized for support as well as forces from Maryland and even New York preparing to help.

With a recent change in direction, the National Weather Service now indicates that North Georgia could see much more impact now. Public Safety Director Tony Pritchett said we are on the “dirtier” side of the storm today in a scheduled Commissioner’s meeting where he warned of potential dangers and damage that Gilmer could see from the southern turn of Hurricane Florence.

The expected impact is so large that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for the state.

Based on the latest 11 a.m. forecast for Hurricane Florence and acting on a recommendation from Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security officials, today I issued an emergency declaration for all 159 counties in Georgia.

The Gilmer Public Safety Department took to social media today as well to warn citizens of “an enhanced chance of impacts for our area. Potential impacts could include heavy rain and sustained winds. This could very well cause serious flooding impacts and a large amount of downed trees. Roadways washed out and damaged and widespread power outages are all a result of these impacts.”

Officials are asking citizens to prepare for the oncoming storm and for an influx of people attempting to flee the storm, even as we are still recovering from the July storm. Public Works Director Jim Smith told the Commissioners today that his people were also prepared to mobilize in recovery and recuperation efforts.

Public Safety also noted, “Everyone should keep in mind that systems such as this in the past have caused SEVERE damage for our county. Although we hope this is not the case. PLEASE PREPARE NOW! Preparedness includes adequate food and water for a minimum of 72 hours, flashlights and batteries, a full charge on all wireless devices and portable charging options for these devices, generators and fuel if you have them and know the PROPER use and placement.”

Commission Chairman Charlie Paris stated that the county is preparing its resources including Pritchett preparing the Emergency Management Program as the county readies itself to open shelters if needed. He also confirmed that while Gilmer is not currently in talks with the State about housing evacuees, it is prepared for the call with those shelters made ready.

Emergency preparedness goes far deeper than just resources and shelters, however. Threats like this are prepared for months and years in advance. Pritchett made special note of the departments swift water training and equipment in a case of an extreme event saying, “We have very advanced, skilled swift-water-trained individuals that are trained to get to most anybody that is trapped or is in a rescue situation.”

Preparing for the worst-case scenario, Pritchett said the Department already has response plans throughout the county, but cautioned citizens against “sounding the alarm” for something that may not be as bad as they are preparing for. Despite the declaration of a State of Emergency, he noted that at this time, preparedness is the best course of action as they have previously stated.

These are the reasons that he encourages citizens to have cell phones charged and to prepare other means of charging in case of a need. Having these devices available to contact emergency response is also a part of survival.

As you continue watching for news and updates regarding Hurricane Florence, it may be wise to go ahead and program the non-emergency response numbers into your phone in case a need arises.  If you have questions, concerns, or a need contact Headquarters at 706-635-1333 or the non-emergency dispatch number 706-635-8911. Pritchett also encouraged citizens to keep an eye on the Gilmer County Public Safety Facebook Page for updates on the storm, shelters, and impact on Gilmer County.


Gilmer Animal Shelter Hosts Ruff Readers Day


Bring your kids to the Gilmer County Animal Shelter (GCAS) RUFF READERS CLUB as they partner with the Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGAS) to promote reading skills and build the confidence required to read aloud, all in a fun environment.

Give your kids the opportunity to read to one of Gilmer County Animal Shelter’s pets.

It’s fun and it’s free on Saturday, July 29, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Gilmer Animal Shelter. (4152 HWY 52 E ELLIJAY GA).

Space is limited. Call to reserve your child’s spot today.


Bring your favorite pillow or blanket to sit on. And if you forgot your book, no problem. Some books will be available.


Pet of the Week – Ruger


Having trouble keeping up with the Jones’? Does your neighbor have a nicer house, greener lawn, and better behaved children?

GCAS JULY222016 114What you need is the superior canine.

Ruger is the man for the job. Ruger will help you reclaim your rightful place as neighborhood top dog.

Ruger tested well for cats, other dogs, and children. He also knows his basic commands and could be trained to do his business on the neighbor’s greener lawn.

Don’t settle for second best. Adopt Rugar today.

Gilmer County Animal shelter4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-4pm


Pet of the Week – Candy


The Gilmer County Animal Shelter staff and volunteers see many things that would repulse and dumbfound the common pet lover.

But on occasion a case comes through those doors that just breaks their hearts and nearly brings them to tears.

Someone tied Candy, aka Baby Girl to the GCAS door in the middle of the night and left her.

GCAS JUNE 10 2016 052When the staff arrived the next day they found a pitiful Staffordshire bull terrier covered in open sores from a skin condition, infected with heartworms, and looking near death.

Thanks to the GCAS staff and volunteers, Candy has come a long way. Her wounds have healed and her beautiful snow white coat is finally filling back in.

Thanks to your donations Candy is now scheduled for heartworm treatment.

Candy’s story needs only one final detail for a happy ending…

Candy is a sweet and gentle soul. She is good with other dogs, very friendly, and attentive. This eager to please Baby Girl would make a great addition to most any family.

If you can help sweet Candy find a forever home please visit GCAS today.

Gilmer County Animal Shelter
4152 Highway 52 E
Ellijay, Ga 30536
Hours Tuesday-Saturday, 1-4 p.m.


Pet of the Week – Morgan


GCASMORGANMorgan is an extraordinarily stunning 50 pound, 1 year old Catahoula mix. She is heartworm negative, good with both cats and dogs. She is very quiet and calm in her kennel, yet frisky and friendly when out.

Morgan is perfectly comfortable jogging by your side or just relaxing by the fire. You will be the envy of all your neighbors when you pull up with Morgan sitting next to you. However, like most women, Morgan is looking for a lifetime commitment.


To bring Morgan’s beauty into your home please visit:
Gilmer County Animal Shelter
4152 Highway 52 E Ellijay Ga 30536 (706)635-2166
Hours Tuesday –Friday 1pm-4pm, Saturday 1pm-3pm


Protect Your Pet During Winter and Cold Weather

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Brought to you in part by the Humane Society of the United States

Follow our tips to keep cats, dogs and horses safe and comfortable

  • Pets are happiest and healthiest when kept indoors, especially during extreme cold snaps.

In many areas, winter is a season of bitter cold and numbing wetness. Make sure your four-footed family members stay safe and warm by following these simple guidelines:

Keep pets indoors

The best prescription for winter’s woes is to keep your dog or cat inside with you and your family. The happiest dogs are taken out frequently for walks and exercise but kept inside the rest of the time.

Don’t leave pets outdoors when the temperature drops. During walks, short-haired dogs may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater. No matter what the temperature is, windchill can threaten a pet’s life. Pets are sensitive to severe cold and are at risk for frostbite and hypothermia during extreme cold snaps. Exposed skin on noses, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze and suffer permanent damage.

Share to keep animals warm and safe!


Take precautions if your pet spends a lot of time outside

A dog or cat is happiest and healthiest when kept indoors. If for some reason your dog is outdoors much of the day, he or she must be protected by a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow the dog to sit and lie down comfortably but small enough to hold in his/her body heat. The floor should be raised a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw. The doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic.

Help neighborhood outdoor cats

If there are outdoor cats, either owned pets or community cats (ferals, who are scared of people, and strays, who are lost or abandoned pets) in your area, remember that they need protection from the elements as well as food and water. It’s easy to give them a hand.

Give your pets plenty of food and water

Pets who spend a lot of time outdoors need more food in the winter because keeping warm depletes energy. Routinely check your pet’s water dish to make certain the water is fresh and unfrozen. Use plastic food and water bowls; when the temperature is low, your pet’s tongue can stick and freeze to metal.

Be careful with cats, wildlife and cars

Warm engines in parked cars attract cats and small wildlife, who may crawl up under the hood. To avoid injuring any hidden animals, bang on your car’s hood to scare them away before starting your engine.

Protect paws from salt

The salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet. Wipe all paws with a damp towel before your pet licks them and irritates his/her mouth.

Avoid antifreeze poisoning

Antifreeze is a deadly poison, but it has a sweet taste that may attract animals and children. Wipe up spills and keep antifreeze (and all household chemicals) out of reach. Coolants and antifreeze made with propylene glycol are less toxic to pets, wildlife and family. Read more about pets and antifreeze »

Speak out if you see a pet left in the cold

If you encounter a pet left in the cold, politely let the owner know you’re concerned. If they don’t respond well, document what you see: the date, time, exact location and type of animal, plus as many details as possible. Video and photographic documentation (even a cell phone photo) will help bolster your case. Then contact your local animal control agency or county sheriff’s office and present your evidence. Take detailed notes regarding whom you speak with and when. Respectfully follow up in a few days if the situation has not been remedied.Learn more »

Horse owners: provide special care to your outdoor pets

Give your horses shelter and dry warmth

Be sure your horses have access to a barn or a three-sided run-in so they can escape the wind and cold.

While not all horses will need to be blanketed, blankets will help horses keep warm and dry, especially if there is any rain or snow. If you’ve body-clipped your horses, keep them blanketed throughout the winter.

Supply food and water to your horses around the clock

Give your horses access to unfrozen water at all times. You can use heated buckets or water heaters/deicers to make sure the water doesn’t freeze.

Feed your horses more forage—unlimited amounts, if possible—during extreme cold. This will help your horses create heat and regulate their body temperatures.

Share to keep animals warm and safe!


BOE Approvals Shape Education Future


After the Monday, December 14, Worksession, the BOE approved several plans from that meeting for their future and even financial items for the next Fiscal Year.

The Board approved their Schedule of Approved Local Option Sales Tax Projects for FY 2015 along with the Financial and ESPLOST Reports and Policy Changes, but more discussion came with the items under facilities.

The Board did approve the Parrish Contract Amendment 1 CCMS Stadium Renovations and Improvements which added the CCMS additions and lighting to the Parrish Contract, but stopped to offer an explanation before approving the addition of showers at the CCMS Field House. This project, at one point expected to possibly exceed $75,000, is now set to cost around $30,000 – $35,000. This cut is accomplished as there will be no addition to the facilities. Instead, there will be a removal of one urinal in the boys restroom in addition to the sloping and wall separation for the showers. The girls restroom will not remove any toilets or sinks, according to Dr. Wilkes, but will also require similar modifications for the floors and walls.

While staying under facilities, the BOE has approved a request to update their American Red Cross Emergency Shelter Agreement to include Clear Creek Middle School. One question posed to the Superintendent by the Board concerned operating the school while the shelter was active. Dr. Wilkes assured them the Gyms, where shelters would be hosted, could be blocked off from the rest of the school should such a situation ever occur.

Though not much discussion was held in the meeting, many citizens were anxious to hear the decision as the BOE approved the state required Paid Lunch Equity to raise the price of lunches next year to $1.80 for K-6.

As we move into 2016, the BOE has approved future meeting dates for the Board of Education throughout the coming year. This will become the schedule for meetings unless something pressing should arise in conflict.

Finally, after an executive session, the Board approved their personnel changes (pg 1 / pg 2) as posted.

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