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CCMS will host it’s Annual Title I Night on Thurs., Sept 27th.  The meeting will be held in the cafeteria at 5:30  All parents are encouraged to attend to learn about the Title I program and how it helps your child.  Our 8th Grade Chorus will also be performing their Fall Preview of Veteran’s Day music.  The bookfair will be open following the meeting.  Door prizes will be given out.  Don’t miss this exciting event!

The CCMS bookfair will be held the week of Sept. 24th  – 28th .  Gift cards can be purchased at and are an alternative to sending money with students.  Bookfair gift cards also are a way for family members to easily send a gift to your child.  All bookfair proceeds benefit the students of CCMS through the media program.

All stakeholders are invited to attend the School Governance Team meeting on Thursday, August 27 at 7:25 am with a condensed meeting in the afternoon at 2:30 pm.  Future meetings will be Oct. 25, Nov. 29., and Dec. 20. Send your feedback to

Clear Creek Middle School Track and Field Competes in State

Team FYN Sports

Clear Creek Middle School made the 2 hour trip to Parkview High School in Lilburn Ga to compete in the Middle School State Track and Field Championships over the weekend.  Middle school athletes from all over Georgia competed in individual events and four athlete relay events for both girls and boys teams.



Coach Tommy Jones of Clear Creek Middle School has done an excellent job with these young athletes all season.  Preparing athletes for not only competition but life after middle school can be a tough job.  Coach Jones has instilled in these athletes the discipline to work hard and give all that you have in everything you do, on or off the track and field setting.

CCMS 2017 – 2018 Track and Field Team

The Clear Creek Middle School Teams didn’t come back with a State Title but returned with several athletes beating their personal best times in the Championship. Team’s full results are posted below.  Congratulations to all the athletes that competed at Parkview High School!

Hold on to the memories, they will last forever.








Upcoming Events @ CCMS

Bobcat's Corner

Clear Creek Middle School Invites All Stakeholders

Clear Creek Middle

Clear Creek Middle School invites all stakeholders to attend the School Governance Team meetings throughout the year.  The first meeting will be Aug. 17 at 7:25am with a condensed overview meeting that afternoon at 2:30pm if you are not able to make the morning session.  Topics include: School Improvement Plan, Family School Compact, 1% Set Aside for Parent Engagement Program, and the Partnership Plan.  Future meetings will be Sept. 21Oct. 19Nov. 16, and Dec. 14.  You can also send your feedback to

Karla’s Korner – Gilmer County’s Back to School Special


It is that time again. The kids are heading back to school! While I am sure some would say it’s too soon, most parents and students are ready to be back into their routine. Gilmer County’s students go back to school on Friday, August 4th. Ninth grade orientation will be held on July 29th. There will be an open house held at all the schools on August 2nd. Times on these open houses vary depending on the school. To see these times, get school supply lists and all other back to school information check out the Gilmer Chamber’s “Let’s Go Back to School” page.

CCMS Spring Chorus Concert

Clear Creek Middle

By: Mariela Aguillon

Clear Creek Middle School’s (CCMS) seventh and eighth graders amused the crowd with their impressing voices.

 The evening concert began with a polite welcome to friends and family from Principal David Mashburn and Choir Director Adam Palmer.

 First on stage were the seventh grade members who presented a cover of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran,  “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, and “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

 Maggie Painter, seventh grade special selection, followed the seventh grade presentation and sang a solo cover of “Journey to the Past” by Liz Callaway and Stephen.

 The concert was continued by the eighth grade members who sang covers of “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith with a partial solo covered by Caleb Cummings, “Safe and Sound” by The Civil Wars, and “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

 Eighth grade special selection, Lola Price, covered a solo of the song “Beautiful Thing” by Grace Vanderwaal.

 The honors chorus gave a magnificent closing to the concert with covers of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in honor of Gene Wilder which also included a duet with Olivia Lykins and Caleb Cummings, and finally concluded the show with “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

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GHS and CCMS Bands Cap Year with Spring Concert


There really is something very special about music. Many times I only find myself listening to music while accomplishing something else. I listen while I work, sometimes even as I write. A night like that of May 2 allows people to stop and enjoy music for the joy and expression it offers.

Some people attended for their children or family, others to support a friend. All were treated to a very special display of musical talent as both the 8th Grade CCMS Band and the Gilmer High School Symphonic Band took the stage for their 2017 Spring Concert.

The night actually began before either band took the stage as the pre-show entertainment showcased the Gilmer Jazz Cats drawing people in to their seats with songs like Elvis Presley’s Why Do Fools Fall in Love, a crowd favorite.

Directed by Jessica Nohner, the 8th Grade Band set the rhythm for the night with Forward MarchAsh Lawn, and Old Time Rock & Roll before joining with the GHS Symphonic Band to provide one song together. Honoring those in military service, the Marches of the Armed Forces not only allowed the audience to see the combined talents of both bands, but also showcased the service of veterans in the audience as they stood for their branch of service.

Closing out the night, the GHS Symphonic Band presented some recognizable songs alongside classical songs with Farandole, GREASE!, On a Hymnsong with Phillip Bliss, The Lion King, and Stars and Stripes Forever.


Clear Creek Middle School invites all parents/guardians to participate in the monthly School Governance Team

Clear Creek Middle
Local school news…
Clear Creek Middle School invites all parents/guardians to participate in the monthly School Governance Team meeting on Thursday, Mar. 23 at 7:25a.m.   We are seeking input for our annual parent survey.  If that time is not convenient, feel free to come by at 2:15p.m. for a condensed version of the meeting.  Feedback can also be sent to
Thank you,
The Gilmer County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, creed, or disability in admission to its programs, services, and activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. For additional information or referral to the appropriate system coordinator, contact the system superintendent’s office at 134 Industrial Blvd, Ellijay, Ga 30540 –(706) 276-5000.

State Superintendent Visits Clear Creek


The State Superintendent, Richard Woods stopped into Clear Creek Middle School for a tour and chat on Thursday, January 19.

Woods ClassDuring his visit, Woods spoke with Superintendent Dr. Shanna Wilkes, Chairman Jim Parmer, Board Member Nick Weaver, Principal David Mashburn, and Vice Principal Nicole Pike as well as several teachers about their school and its students. According to Woods, Clear Creek is the seventh school he has visited this month as he makes several of these trips to “see what’s going on in the schools… As we begin looking at proposing things for education or the districts, it allows us to talk to superintendents, talk with teachers, and principals, and students and say what’s working, what’s not. To get ideas about changes.”

WoodsWoods was not only given a chance to speak to administrators, but he was also treated to a tour of Clear Creek Middle by students Emily Serna, Ange Davis, and Alexis Sirmans. The tour encompassed a chance to look in on classes during teaching, a trip into both the band room and chorus room, a look outside at the school’s Agriculture Facility, and ended up with Superintendent Woods’ first time in a school’s pep rally since taking office in 2015. Woods stated he enjoys having student ambassadors for tours and offering those leadership roles. He always requests to at least have a chance to spend time with students and faculty to listen to “their world.”

Woods PepWoods did take notice of several things including the new Agriculture Facility which he applauded as a greater connection to the community. “We’re seeing a lot of greater ties throughout where schools are reaching out to the communities, where this becomes a family or community hub… Whether its business or Mom and Dad, having them active in the life of our children shows that education is important. I think by showing that is important, the kids see a clear example of what is going on.”

Woods TechAnother note Woods took was our school’s incorporation of technology for our students. From incorporating Chrome Books and Tablets to full computer labs, Clear Creek has updated to the modern times. Woods said he saw the opportunity to reach children today through technology as a platform. “It is the environment our children are growing up with today.” The question becomes, according to Woods, how to incorporate that technology into the educational environment.

As he walked away from speaking with Gilmer’s Teachers at Clear Creek, Woods offered that he saw excitement and hope in the school. He spoke of a transition he is seeing. With a little pull back on an emphasis on testing, Teachers can have and give hope to their students through their passion.

Speaker Ralston Visits Clear Creek


The Georgia Speaker of the House, David Ralston, took time Wednesday, November 30, to stop by Clear Creek Middle School to deliver a very important message to the students there.

Ralston began his address telling the students, “Coming from this community, coming from these mountains, is something that will live with you for all of your life… But for all the natural beauty and peace that we enjoy here, there is a far more valuable resource. And that is our people.”

dsc00395He spoke about our community and his part in it, being in a rural area “where everyone knows everybody else.” Recalling his own childhood, Ralston told the kids its the kind of community that when he did something wrong, his father knew about it before he even got home.

Yet, Ralston smiled with this story, telling our students it is the people of the community, people that care enough to tell on you, to take care of you, to instill values that serve you that make the community we are a part of.

Pausing a moment, Ralston offered Clear Creek students a piece of advice, “Take your education seriously… Take every opportunity to better yourself. If you take the more challenging courses, try out for the team, or raise your hand in class, you won’t succeed every time. You’ll make mistakes or you won’t get an answer right… Always learn something from those experiences.”

Ralston told our kids to learn, work harder next time, take advantage of all you can. Take part time jobs, take internships, grow yourself.

But why is this so important?

In the final parts of his speech, Ralston told the kids our community needs them. We’ll need teachers, doctors, small business owners. We’ll need people prepared to handle tomorrow’s jobs and tomorrow’s opportunities. He spoke about the needs of Gilmer to have a future. “As you get older you will come to discover, as I have,” Ralston said, “that what matters isn’t whether you succeed or what you do, but to help others succeed.”

One last thing Ralston told the kids, was to tell people thank you. Thank your teachers, school bus drivers, administrators, coaches, and everyone. Ralston shared that there was many people from his life he still wants to thank, but can’t anymore. He had lost that opportunity.


Check out more by listening to Ralston’s speech below:

Ralston Speaks to Clear Creek Middle School

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Georgia Speaker of the House of Representatives, David Ralston, spoke to students at Clear Creek Middle School on Monday December 2nd. (more…)

Clear Creek Middle School Students Visit Veterans Bridge


Some of the Clear Creek Middle School’s honor students were treated to a unique field trip on Thursday, May 16th, as they made the short drive to the Veterans Memorial Bridge for a tour from Sandy Lyons. (more…)

Fire and Ice: Clear Creek Clear of Fire; Schools Close for Winter Storm

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Clear Creek Middle School Assistant Principal Doris Sanford told FYN today that there was no fire following a fire scare on Tuesday. (more…)

Clear Creek “Cats” Perform Swimmingly

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Two Gilmer County students competed in the Joe Gawry Southeastern Middle School Championship on January 19th, 2013. Clear Creek Middle School students Kaylin Woodring (7th grade), and Leila Farist (8th grade), competed, due to their USA Swimming affiliation, despite there being no official middle school swim team in Gilmer County. (more…)

Bobcats Cage Tigers; Win Mountain League Championship

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For you JunkYard Dog: We didn’t meet, but we’ll bark in heaven… (more…)

Clear Creek Chases Championship

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The undefeated Clear Creek Middle School Bobcats football team remained unbeaten after a home game show down with the Dragons of Pickens County Middle School. The “Cats” claimed a 38-0 victory over the Dragons, and will look to face Dawson Middle school for the Mountain League Championship. (more…)

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