Harrison Park Calendar of Events

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – The Harrison Park Advisory Board discussed their calendar of upcoming events during their meeting on Thursday, July 11, 2019.

The events are as follows:

Saturday, August 31, 2019 … Saturday, September 14, 2019 … Saturday, September 28, 2019: Movies in the Park. 7:30 pm on all three days. Free to the public. Movies will be mostly rated G or PG. There will be a donation bucket, T-shirt sales, and either Coke or Pepsi vending. The board has raised $750 already, and are expecting to raise $2,000 total for the event. They are currently expecting around 200 people.

Saturday, July 13, 2019: HealthIt 9 am – 11 am Animal Hospital will be present. Feel free to bring your dogs on a leash for a short presentation on heart worms, then a dog walking party!

Saturday, August 10, 2019: HealthIt at 9 am with chiropractic services discussion and organized exercises.

Saturday, September 14, 2019: HealthIt at 9 am. Yoga or Tai Chi (to be announced).

HealthIt for October will likely be skipped due to a busy schedule, with November to be announced.

Saturday, October 5, 2019: Crooners and Cocktails fundraiser. Ticket prices are expected to be $100 per ticket. Music and catering to be announced. Time to be announced.

Saturday, October 26, 2019: Chili cook off. Time to be announced, but will be in the afternoon sometime.

Harrison Park is located at 75 McCutchen St, Ellijay, GA 30540 and is, of course, open to the public!

Friends of Harrison Park can be found at http://harrisonparkellijay.com/ and their Facebook page is located at https://www.facebook.com/harrisonparkellijay/

The next board meeting will be at the Ellijay City Hall (197 North Main Street, Ellijay, GA 30540) on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 9 am. The public is welcome to attend!

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Venue size concerns revisit BOC


ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer is once again in issue with rezonings when considering items this month.

Considerations of wineries, tasting rooms, wedding venues, and lot sizes came to discussion in February’s Commissioner meeting.

The major contentions came when considering a conditional use permit for a “large” wedding venue. The item for A-1 Agricultural with Conditional use for 582 Cinnamon Lane created debate between Public Works Director Jim Smith, Planning and Zoning Director Karen Smith, and County Attorney David Clark as the board sought guidance and information about the issue.

The venue actually came as two items, the board unanimously approve the winery and tasting room in one vote, then discussed the conditional use for the large wedding venue at the same location.

Jim Smith warned the board to consider the county roads when allowing the possibility of more vehicles and traffic of a large venue.

Ultimately, it was Attorney David Clark who noted that the current item was a wedding and events venue as opposed to Large Recreational Venues which expected larger crowds.

Gilmer County Commission Chairman Charlie Paris noted concerns and calls he had gotten on the issue. He later said in the meeting that he wouldn’t support the larger numbers of over 200 people at the event. However, he indicated he didn’t want to restrict them to less than 100 either.

Smith later raised concerns about the public accessing the venue through Cinnamon Lane, preferring they instead use Old Flat Branch road.

Final approval for the wedding and events venue came with conditions including no more than 200 people, ingress and egress be through Old Flat Branch road, and that expenditures related to it, such a deceleration lanes, be the responsibility of the facility owners at the location.

All three board members voted to approve the conditional use permit.

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Team FYN Sports Covers Local Sporting Events


FetchYourNews.com is dedicated to bringing our viewers local sports. All our events are streamed live and then archived for later viewing. FYN covers all sports for all ages: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis……


Fashion Show raises funds for FOGAS

Community, News

ELLIJAY, Ga. – Lovers of animals often do whatever they can to support shelters and organizations that help their favorite four-legged-friends.

The owners of Whimz Boutique in Ellijay Georgia, Steve and Marie Cortes did just that when they presented Friends Of Gilmer Animal Shelter (FOGAS) President Sharon Sahr and Treasurer Karen Johnson with a $564 check from their November 2018 charity fashion show.

Friends Of Gilmer Animal Shelter is an all-volunteer, 501 (C3), charity that strives to make Gilmer County Georgia a better home for both people and pets by sponsoring subsidized spay/neuter certificates for the public, vetting Gilmer County Animal Shelter homeless pets, and other community projects.

Their event is part of the community financial support that makes up approximately 75 % of Friends Of Gilmer Animal Shelter’s annual revenue.

This and all other donations to FOGAS are used to provide subsidized $25 spay/neuter certificates to Gilmer County residents, pay veterinarian costs for selected Gilmer County Animal Shelter pets that are being transported to waiting adopters or rescues, and to support other Gilmer County pet-related projects.

The Fashion Charity event saw over 100 people attending to view pieces designed and donated by Whimz Boutique and Julian’s Boutique. With the success of the fashion show, FOGAS has stated they are intending to use the proceeds for their 2019 budget. Specifically, they said, “In 2019 FOGAS will be focusing on new ways to assist the Gilmer County Animal Shelter with reducing pet overpopulation. We will also be looking into offering Gilmer County children information on caring for their pets.”

With this set as the first annual show, support is set to continue for the Animal Shelter through its support organization, FOGAS. But, ultimately, its citizens putting on events like this and donating that helps the efforts of the local animal shelter and the county’s efforts to house and adopt pets in need of “forever homes.”

Light-Up Ellijay shines through clouds and rain

Community, News

ELLIJAY, Ga – Despite numerous weather and climate hurdles including a cold evening sharpened by winds and rain at times, the Downtown Ellijay Business and Community Association (DEBACA) is reporting a very successful year.

With some changes like the absence of the town of Bethlehem that First Baptist Church hosted at last year’s event and added security measures, this year’s event was noticeably different than 2017. Changes that both DEBACA Chairman Steve Cortes and Ellijay Police Chief Edward Lacey praise as improvements to the event.

One major safety improvement that both parties noted separately was barricades set up to block the parking spaces on the roundabout, allowing pedestrians to safely view both the tree lighting and parade apart from traffic and parade vehicles. While these barricades have been used for the majority of 2018, this is the first Light-Up Ellijay event they have been used. The major difference being that this parade is largely held in the dark with lights on the float and the town decorations illuminating the area.

Chief Lacey noted this year’s event went “very smooth” as they conducted safety and traffic control with six on-duty officers. He also reported no traffic issues during the event and the after-event surge.

The parade hosted around 35 different groups, according to Cortes, and just under 20 vendors in the temporary market throughout the day. Though he says DEBACA did scale back on certain things, the event still pulled in one of the best business days for downtown merchants despite the tree-lighting ceremony being interrupted with a 5-minute rain shower and a continuing sprinkling of rain until the parade.

Lacey referred to the event as a “more traditional Light-Up Ellijay event.” With Santa Claus appearing on the city steps just before 2:00 p.m. and the market on Broad Street quickly following, citizens and merchants in downtown seem to agree saying, “no question its safer and more efficient.”

Along the lines of balancing Light-Up Ellijay between a tourism event and a local event, Cortes told FYN that despite cancelling the Whoville earlier in November, there are still plans to return to it in coming years. However, he did add that DEBACA has been considering multiple options including hosting Whoville in partnership with another organization with available manpower to host the event on a separate day from Light-Up Ellijay and more cosplay actors to enlarge it on its own.

With possibilities for the future of Light-Up Ellijay being discussed, Cortes also noted the he, personally, thinks that the events success could continue into next year by adding to the parade size and seeking opportunities for the marching band or live-music of some sort.

Citizens, law-enforcement, and business owners all seem to agree that Light-Up Ellijay was indicative of continuing a bright future for Ellijay’s Downtown Events.



Make sure to check out FYN’s Facebook Photo Album for more pictures from the event as well as the Facebook page for videos that we streamed live from Light-Up Ellijay.


News from Mountain View Elementary School

Bobcat's Corner, Mountain Education Charter High School
On Thursday and Friday, September 6th and 7th, Mountain View Elementary celebrated all of the wonderful grandparents in our lives.  We had an amazing turnout, feeding approximately 175 grandparents.  We are so thankful for all the people that came out and made Grandparents’ Day so special for their children!


On Tuesday, September 11th brought a sea of red, white, and blue to Mountain View Elementary School.  The kids celebrated Patriot Day by wearing patriotic colors and participating in lessons that discussed the significance of September 11th.

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